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How do I lower the body fat on my abs without lowering body fat on the rest of body?

If i lower body fat all round my body i will look like a stick since im already skinny. I was told to see my abs I need to reduce my body fat over them how?

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5 Responses to “How do I lower the body fat on my abs without lowering body fat on the rest of body?”

  1. Benny C said :

    No such thing as ‘spot toning’. Simply can’t be done.
    What you can do is work out on the abs a lot more and increase the muscle size, therefore making it more visible.
    You either work on the abs, sit ups, crunches that kinda thing, or loose weight over your entire body.
    Or not care. either one!

  2. phosoup said :

    Hello there,
    I read your question and I felt like I could help. I have been doing thai kickboxing for 10 years and therefore know a lot about how to lower body fat, or increase muscle size on different parts of the body. When you train for thai boxing, it’s important to train the right parts of your body so that you don’t carry unnecessary fat or have too much muscle in some places. To lower body fat on abs, you SHOULD NOT do crunches. Crunches make the superior muscles of your stomach work, therefore it doesn’t reduce fat. It just makes the abs more visible.
    On the contrary, you SHOULD DO full sit-ups. Sit-ups work the core muscles of your stomach, if you work them hard, you won’t really get a six-pack but you’ll get very strong abdominal muscles (that don’t look completely fake) and it will remove all fat from your stomach.
    Just concentrate on doing about two sets of 30 sit-ups a day and you should notice that you have less fat in less than a week and that good thing about it is that you’re only lowering the body fat on your abs, not on the rest of your body.
    Hope this helps.

  3. yuehan said :

    You can’t do that without surgery. The body just removes fat proportionately. Spot reducing is a myth.

  4. . said :

    You can’t, you have to lower your overall weight in order for your abs to become more visible; try doing some cardio.

  5. createrofheaven said :


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