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How do I lose weight without working out?

I am 5’10 and around 180 pounds. My work schedule for school is such that I have absolutely no time to work out-I am doing homework or sleeping. What can I do to lose weight? I know the target weight for someone of my size is around 140 pounds-and I can assure you that my 180 pounds is not muscle. I just would like to be healthy rather than fat-and I am willing to try anorexia (fully knowing the risks associated with it) if that is the easiest (best) course of action. Thank you.

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2 Responses to “How do I lose weight without working out?”

  1. Cathy B said :

    you cannot “try” anorexia, i have anorexia and have suffered with it for a number of years its not easy to live with i have been in hospital more times than ive had hot dinners literally and im afraid the damage is irreversible, dont read magazines because they glamourise anorexia which is just appaling and ar enot good role models at all… Im not going to blab on because im sure your aware of the risks. but what you need to do is forget about hating your body…the more you hate your body the more harder you push yourself in things you can do yourself damage.. have a healthy breakfast, mix your foods, have a bit of what you fancy but not a lot just cut down on things basically like choclate, cakes etc…start of like this. build yourself up dont just go full board wack the first few days because youll know about it youll get cravings. You need to make time for your exercise make a schedule this might help.

    I hoped this helped you a bit if not well sorry and i wish you the best of luck in your weight loss xXx

  2. Jose x said :

    Eating 500, or even 800, calories per day has to result in weight loss. Your body is burning calories . Eating the wrong types of food, at the wrong times of day is what causes us to put on weight

    Walk instead of taking transportation to nearby destinations. Take the stairs and avoid the lifts and escalators. Walk about 15 minutes a day – start with every 3 days if you’ve never done this. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise! Walking is the basic and effective exercise which helps in promoting a healthy metabolism of the body thereby aiding in weight loss from the entire body. In addition to walking and preferably brisk walking, one should indulge in cardio exercises, some weightlifting routines and in High Intensity Interval Training to bring about a toning and reduction of back fat.

    Muscle is very important for weight loss because it burns calories continuously so you want to add some muscle to your body. Buy some free weights or join a gym, do not weight train too often otherwise you may get over trained and this could make you sick since your immune system will get weakened. Muscle weighs more than fat and some crash diets will promote water & lean muscle loss initially which looks great on the scales (and you may lose the bloated belly) but does not really affect inch loss. Pound for pound, muscle weighs 3x more than fat so by creating a lean muscle body – you may even weigh the same but could lose a couple of dress sizes..


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