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How do i lose weight without stunting my growth?

i am 15 years old and i weigh 109. I know im normal weight but i need to loose a few more pounds to get abs. Thats what I found out on a website about abs. My doctor says I cant lose a lot of weight or Ill stop growing. I really want abs. Im 5 feet and 1 inch which is pretty small for my age. How do I lose weight without stunting my growth like my doctor says?

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3 Responses to “How do i lose weight without stunting my growth?”

  1. auberiginz said :

    You are still growing, so it might be possible to stunt your growth by extreme weight loss. A method would be to do cardio exercises together with your abdominal exercises. Best way to get abs is to do crunches.

  2. RodiKenley said :

    Nothing. Build up on fats and protein. Lift weights.

  3. ttl2 said :

    advice to losing weight avoid starch foods and food made with flour basically
    also exerscie at least 1 hour a day if you want to lose weight
    and then do some research to tone your body depending what you want


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