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How do i lose weight without my parents finding out?

I want to lose weight, im a 14 year old boy and i act very confident though i am not. Im really worried by my weight so i would like to lose someone without it becoming abvious that im trying to.

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8 Responses to “How do i lose weight without my parents finding out?”

  1. Daiquann D said :

    if you want to lose weight , your parents should be the last people you want to hide it from. especially since they most likely do all the shopping for you (and possibly cooking, idk i cooked for myself since i was 12) if they know they can help substantially. trust me I know from experience.

  2. StrengthWithin said :

    What do you mean? If you don’t want your parents to find out then you’re probably at a good weight. But sometimes parents see their children as beautiful no matter how much they weigh. With that being said, work harder at school’s gym and eat to make up for it. Your parents won’t find out since you’re eating as the expect you to and you’ll lose it since you exercise.

  3. AllisonBabyy<3 said :

    Just try eating the right serving size of each meal and exercise more; try out for a sport like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or just try running around the track at your school 3-4 times a week. Ever since me and my friend started staying after school to run around the track for about half an hour 4 times a week, we were getting more out of our meals and burning off fat quicker.

  4. Dread"RIP Alexei Cherepanov said :

    Run and eat healthy. Its very simple but so many people have trouble grasping it. Run every day and start to incorporate health foods into your diet. If your having grilled cheese then try and incorporate some veggies into your diet. Just keep doing this.

  5. Craig B said :

    well – if you are worried about you parents knowing then that is a huge red flag. Are you a wannabee anorexic ? Why don’t you want your parents to know ? but if your parents are people that want to fatten you up and then eat you, then you should run instead of walk at all times. Eat very little and play a lot of sports that involve a lot of running – soccer is a good one or join the track team.

  6. cmbaZaar said :

    Here’s my advice, get active.

    I have a 13 year old brother who was a husky little guy, (we didn’t love him any less), and he was really into staying home and playing with his X-box and computer games. It was what he liked to do.

    One day, I asked him if he wanted to come with me and my boyfriend to go bowling since he’s never been.

    My little brother automatically fell in love with the sport. Its not your normal conventional outdoor sport but it did get him out of the house and into a league. He then met new friends which introduced him into other physical activities.

    By joining some sort of team or always hanging out with your friends, your parents will just think that you’re being a normal, active 14 year old boy who is shedding all his baby fat naturally.

  7. becca said :

    this is a detailed description of the diet and exercise plan i followed and lost about 20 pounds in less than 3 months. no joke!

  8. Tia said :

    i heard that u have to just drink alot of water im 11 nd i wy like 93 pounds nd i want to lose wieght nd i cant so can somebody help me i wanna b scinney wen i go into middle school!!!!


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