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How do I lose weight without losing my boobs?

I need to lose weight in the next three weeks so I can go on TV >.< Yeah but after the 3 weeks I still have to lose weight...

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6 Responses to “How do I lose weight without losing my boobs?”

  1. carby said :

    You wont lose your boobs in three weeks :/
    Do a fruit/vegetable detox diet or something ;/

  2. Dave87gn said :

    there is no way to do it, when you lose weight, it may come off you boobs or butt or stomach

    there is no way to tell

    Your body does what it wants

  3. Prettyylime said :

    Chop off your leg or something. That way, your overall bodyweight decreases, yet your boobs are still there. When I wanted to loose some, I just chopped my boobs off, but it’s really up to you.

  4. Georgina said :

    I always found jogging helps. If you have a dog, take it for a jog with you, it’ll speed things up a bit.

    Try eating bran with organic milk and a bit fruit, eg: strawberries or bananas, for breakfast and instead of driving, walk, unless it’s really far away. 😉

    For lunch, have a fruit salad (better than a normal salad, has more flavour.)

    Don’t have any take aways or McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King etc. They are really fatty!

    Try going to the gym aswell.

    That’s all advise I have.

    Try going to, They might have a few suggestions.

  5. Samuel said :

    there are not spot fat reduction, or part that not to shrink

    eat less and exercise more 😉

    first the hard way:
    1. your caloric intake daily = 108(your weight) * 10 = 1080 per day
    2. weekly = 7 * 1080 = 7560
    3. a pound of fat = 3500 cal
    4. so to loose 1 pound a week = 7560 – 3500 = 4060 weekly
    5. calories to eat daily = 4060 / 7 = 580
    6. Eat 580 calories each day for a week and you will lose a pound that week…

    The easy way:
    1. What ever you eat, eat the half of it and forget the rest…
    2. Do that for each meal

    Exercise only 30 minutes of walk daily…

  6. Sam16 said :

    hold your boobs in one place while loosing weight. i hope this does a great job. good luck


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