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How do I lose weight to look like the models on the catwalk?

I’m 5’9″, about 121 pounds and I’m planning on modeling but I can’t seem to lose the weight I need healthily. Any tips?

I’m 17 and I definitely do not want to starve myself.

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8 Responses to “How do I lose weight to look like the models on the catwalk?”

  1. Gia said :

    Exercise 🙂 and eat healthy.
    If you eat foods that are high in fibre, you’ll be able to lose it at a much faster rate, as the fibre helps break down food and regulates your digestive track:)

  2. Mrs Joe Jonas x3 said :

    LOL you do know all them models just starve themselves, seriously.. dont do that!!!!!! it recks your body, breaks u out in spots gives you yellow teeth and your hair falls out and you lose all your assets..
    join a gym and drink LOADS of water 🙂
    good luck with your modelling!

  3. pajamas&newyork!:D said :

    You’re a pretty good weight! if you lose any weight, you’re going to be anorexic. I’m 5’7″ and 119. you’re underweight already.

  4. Willowtree said :

    Honestly, it already seems like you are pretty skinny, but if you want to be skinny like the models, you basically need to eat only vegetables, eat very light, don’t eat after 7pm….don’t eat any junk food, whatsoever, none at all, vegetables, tofu, tea, substitue sugar, and have like a 600 to 1000 calorie diet…that’s the only way you’ll be as skinny

  5. Meghz said :

    Runway models don’t eat. Exercise most of the day. And do drugs. I wouldn’t recommend any of it.

    How old are you? It might already be too late for you if you aren’t a teen.

  6. Ashley D said :

    ugh why would you want to look like them? they look gross, all boney and shit

    and besides that, im willing to bet your already underweight as far as BMI is concerned, so dont loose even a pound unless you plan on spending some time in a hospital

  7. MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe said :

    This nonsense about models being too skinny is just NONSENSE. I have friends who model, and if you have ever been to any runway show you know that lmost all the the models look great and are very healthy. Here is what TYPICAL runway models look like:

  8. cop c said :


    I am a model for JCP.
    I found this website that has helped me loose around $78 pounds and get started in my modeling career. The site is:

    I would recommend checking it out, it is awsome and it has really helped me change and move on from my past life of just sitting and gaining weight. You can still eat great food and exercise while relaxing and loose weight like I did. Check it out.


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