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How do I lose weight quickly without slowing my metabolism?

I am 5’7 1/2″, 18 years old, and am about 113.5 lbs. I want to be 110 lbs, how do I lose weight quickly without hurting my system?
thank you

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7 Responses to “How do I lose weight quickly without slowing my metabolism?”

  1. .:J:. said :

    I think your over reacting
    you have to give your body the food it need with out hurting it. i personally dont wiegh that much and im shorter. try doing sports if you want to look more toned but to me your going to get hurt at this pace,. or get eating disorders please stop.

  2. Momma Knows said :

    The best way is not to cut back your calories so much but to rely more on exercise to burn more calories during the day.

    For example: if you go on a good, healthy diet and eat approximately 1,200 calories your metabolism will stay about where it is now.

    However, if you go below 1,000 calories is will slow down to a crawl because your body believe that there is no food available so it conserves energy.

    Now if you consume 1,2000 but add more activity into your day your body will start upping it’s metabolism to give you enough energy to do your exercises.

    So it’s best to reduce your eating but not to a very low level-just to where you cut out junk and then add in exercise. This will you will lose weight and boost your metabolism at the same time.

  3. shekzef said :

    exercise more!..and eat more veges and fruits,..rather than potatos and meat! fast-food!
    and …good luck!

  4. jenny p said :

    110 ten pounds at that height would not be healthy. i am 5’8-5’9, 135 pounds, and am told i am thin.

  5. nathan=] said :

    exercising in the morning highers your metabolism and it stays at that level and very slowly drops meaning you burn more calories through the day losing weight quiker. I do a walk around the block in the morning pick up a paper and jog or sprint back works for me good luck!!

  6. Sara said :

    are you joking? you have only 3 lbs to lose and you need to ask others how to lose it? I think you are pretty slim as it is so no you really dont need to lose weight. There really are pple out there who are overweight and need advice. i think you can figure out how to lose just a couple pounds.

  7. meget effektiv said :

    It’s difficult to get qualified people on this topic, and you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks


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