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How do i lose weight in secret and quickly?

I’m 15 and i’m about 5″5 and i weight about 175 pounds, a lot.
I want to lose weight from my stomach the most, what is an effective way?
Also, i’m quite embarrassed about it, so can you tell me how to do it quite secretly.

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8 Responses to “How do i lose weight in secret and quickly?”

  1. cassandra said :

    Get a Winsor Pilates DVD, you will get a long lean figure in 6 weeks or less, trust me I exercise to it four times a week and have lost two dress sizes in two months! I also cut out all regular pop and junk food.

  2. slyC said :

    nupe! i won’t! because i firmly believe your friends and family should support you in your bid to be healthy and well!
    eat regular healthy sized meals, and your body will find it’s healthy weight. avoid excessive junk food, and exercise for 30-60 minutes a day.

  3. OldSkhool said :

    why would you want to be secret about it? It’s great that you are trying to change your health for the better!

    Start here:
    cut out all sodas, even Diet.
    Cut back on processed foods (like chips, cereals, Twinkies). Basically look at the ingredient’s list. If there are more than 10 ingredients or you can’t pronounce anything don’t eat it. Instead eat fruits, veggies, meats, yogurts, etc…

    Good luck! I know you can do it.

  4. I have a disablity said :

    i will say only eat the meals dont snack at all, drink some water that is post to fill us up and plust we post to drink 2littles a day anyway,

  5. Rachel S said :

    Perfect question because I was in the same situation as you about 3 months ago with a similar height and weight and now 3 months later I weight 143 pounds and am still losing! For the first few weeks you won’t notice much differnece but I guarantee after about 2-3ish weeks you will lose a noticable amount.
    Alright first off yu have to exercise…go for runs 5 times a week. perhaps go early in the morning which is also the best time to excercise. Run for about 25 minutes at a decent pace. If you can, strength train 3 times a week allowing rests between and if you don’t have this just look up work outs and circuits in magazines and do them as many times a week as possible also any workout dvds will do as well. St ups, push ups, whatever you can do.
    Multiply your weight by 7 to find out how many calories you should be eating a day. Consume only that amount. Only drink water and NO JUNK FOOD! Try to only eat three meals a day and a snack. Don’t eat after 7pm. In times of doubt always remember, nothing tastes or feels better than skinny does!

  6. vanessa said :

    just run man i run every day and i losed 15 pounds in 2 weeks but lift weights and dnt eat as much that will help alot

  7. Karen said :

    Hi Sammi,

    First of all, there is no way to lose ONLY stomach fat. It’s a myth that you can target one area of the body for fat loss, each person is different and your body usually loses fat ALL around, not just one spot. That being said, losing weight is not as hard as people think, in fact, it can be pretty easy. Just cutting SODA and sugary drinks from your diet COMPLETELY is just one awesome way to lose weight fast easy and healthily. (I lost 10 pounds alone only with that one change) That along with the other tips I’m going to share below and you will be on your way to easily losing the weight and keeping it off.

    As cliche as it may sound you gotta eat your veggies. They are amazingly good for you, also raw nuts (almonds are best) fruits, and 100% whole grain breads instead of white flours (white flour is very bad for you, read up on it if you get the chance!) Try and stay away from fried foods and fast food as much as possible, and other empty calories and foods that provide you no nutrients, like ice cream/candy/cake etc. Common sense goes a long way with what foods to eat and how to be healthy, so use it 🙂

    Building healthy eating habits and keeping the weight off in the long term is what you should really strive for. Also, make sure you don’t count calories, it can drive you CRAZY! Just eat GOOD calories, and when your satisfied, stop eating. Try to eat more meals a day and portion them smaller, it really is proven to speed up your metabolism and burn fat way faster. If you mix this in with the other things I’ve shared, you will be on your way to easily losing weight and keeping it off.

    Just be persistent, set goals, make little changes and stick with them. You will get to where you want to be. You really have to want it, I did, and I’m at my goal weight now. Please check out my blog, I think you will enjoy the information and my weight loss story. The link is below and best of luck hon.

  8. babygirl said :

    I’ve followed this diet to lose 10 lbs. in 2 weeks and it really does work, but the trick is keeping the weight off. Before going on vacations I would follow this diet to lose weight before the trip, but if you really want to keep the weight off, the trick is to keep eating healthy after the 2 weeks so you don’t quickly gain it all back. Just to warn you, there’s a lot of eggs involved, so if you don’t like eggs, this may not be your kind of diet.

    Your normal diet is supposed to consist of 30% protein, 30% healthy fat (such as avacados, etc.) and 40% carbs. Unlike the Atkins diet, this diet doesn’t restrict carbs from your diet, It allows you to eat bread and salad, just without the fatty dressing or butter on them, and it’s smaller portions so that your stomach will shrink.

    During these 2 weeks, don’t drink anything with calories with your meals. I’d suggest water, flavored water, diet iced tea, etc. Also, all meat must be grilled, not fried.

    Day 1:

    Breakfast- 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast (preferably wheat, since white turns into fat) and a grapefruit

    Lunch: Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and carrots) with no dressing (I sometimes cheat and sprinkle a little vinegar on it for taste)

    Dinner: 3 eggs with two pieces of dry toast and salad

    Day 2:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

    Lunch: 3 eggs and one piece of dry toast

    Dinner: Grilled chicken and salad

    Day 3:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

    Lunch: Salad

    Dinner: Fish (of your choice) and salad

    Day 4:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

    Lunch: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

    Dinner: Steak tips and salad

    Day 5:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

    Lunch: Salad

    Dinner: 3 eggs, 2 pieces of dry toast and salad

    Day 6:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit

    Lunch: Grilled chicken salad

    Dinner: Chicken and Vegetable soup (mix fat free chicken broth with grilled chicken, sliced carrots, chopped celery and beans if you desire)

    Day 7:

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

    Lunch: 3 eggs, one piece of dry toast and a grapefruit.

    Dinner: Fish and salad

    Repeat for one week


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