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How do I lose weight in my stomach with an exercise ball?

I just found my exercise ball, and I want to know some exercises to do to lose weight in my stomach. I do NOT want six pack abs or something like that, I just want to lose weight in my stomach.

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4 Responses to “How do I lose weight in my stomach with an exercise ball?”

  1. chocolate88 said :

    Well i dont know how to excer wahtever with a ball but I know that hula-hoopz helps. and a hella lot too!

  2. Gray said :

    do crunches on it…

  3. super girl said :

    If you don’t want six pack abs just don’t do too many crunches

  4. Angel said :

    Don’t know about exercise ball but in 2 weeks, modified crunches worked for me. Hook your feet under a heavy couch or something. Knees bent. hands PLACED behind your head only. START to do a sit-up. Lift your shoulders, and the second your BACK starts to come off the ground, STOP and start over. The most *I* could do is 6. You body will stop you. You will know when the soft sternum spot just below the center/front of your ribs will KILL. I did this every day at bedtime… and in two weeks it was noticeable. Hint: aim your chin to the ceiling to save you neck pain. Best of luck.


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