how do i lose weight fat, really fast!!?

I am 12 and really want to be a madel when i’m older, all my mates were saying i should go for it etc. so i wen t to a model studio for a test run and they said wowahh,, you beautiful,, and VERY photo-genic only you’re too fat. which i no is true cos i am fat,, any ideas on how i can lose wight fastt? 🙂

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  1. Katie T said: are 12. start eating less junk food and if you really feel it’s necessary go for a jog. you shouldn’t be that worried. you are only 12.

  2. Muss said:

    Ok I have 10 suggestions for you which hopefully you take on board.

    1. Go on a lemon detox- The name says it all. Detox for a few days, and for the next couple of days, follow a strict diet plan.
    2. Have weight loss shakes as a meal replacement instead of food. So, so, so, so many people use this method because the shakes come in differnt flavours and are actually quite filling.
    3. Stop eating junkfood- stay away from bad foods
    4. DONT eat between meals. ONLY eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    5. If you do want/need to snack on food (which i think everyones does need to), try and snack on HEALTHY foods. E.g. carrot sticks, fruit, etc (light foods
    6. Three fruit and five vegetables 😛
    7. Exercise frequently- atleast 20/30 minutes each day- DONT be lazy!
    8. Be positive and never think negative (be pro-active and
    9. Talk to a dietition if you are struggling with all of this- they will give you much confidence in what you do and also plan out food diets (a diet is not giving up food- it is sticking to a specific food timetable)
    10. Rember: the little things matter.

    Oh and I almost forgot- set goals for yourself (weight loss goals each week etc)

  3. [email protected] said:

    if you’re really committed to this, i just have 1 or 2 things to say first
    1. Dont skip meals.
    i was in a similar situation, and im anorexic, bulemic, anemic, all of the above. do it the healthy way
    2. dont purge.

    okay, now for tha help
    1. Excercise. you only start burning fat after 30 minutes of your heart rate being up. everything else is burning of food.
    2. Dont eat junk food or chips. this one sucks. but eat healthy, which means lotsa veggies and fruits, and whole grains.
    3. Losing too much weight too fast is super unhealthy. once again, i lost 17 pounds in a week from going on a fast and almost died.

    just remember that fat for the modelling industry is thin for all us regular joes.


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