how do i lose weight fast, without making myself sick?

well in 2 months its my school prom and i really want to lose weight and tone up my body before then, the gym is too expensive for me =( … can you help?

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  1. Frustrated said:

    You should try the three day diet. Google it. It can help you lose 10lbs in three days. Or you try the Beyonce maple syrup fast diet.

  2. Mohammad B said:

    dued the very best way is in one word run and you loose weight and you get fit and sexy and healthy dued don’t you like that?

  3. saja s said:

    cardio is the best just walk or run around your block jamming to your ipod or walking your dog,(if you have one) but if then gym is expensive and you cant get equipment then cardio and dancing is the best and dont underestimate it, it really works, sometimes even better than actual work outs

  4. sierra_jag14 said:

    Do this plan.

    Cut out fattening foods from your diet.
    eat more fruit and drink lots of water.

    do 20-40 minutes of cardio 5-6 times a week. This could be running, dancing, or even brisk waliking depending on your fintness level.
    then try add weight training or pilates 3 times a week.

    You’ll see results and you don’t need a gym. For weights try 5-10 pound hand weights.

    Look up a simple excercise program 🙂

    Oh, and on the day of the prom, avoid salt. It makes you bloated.

  5. Xxpink_chocolatexX said:

    go for a 20min jog every day
    nd avoid high fat!!!

  6. KimmyCup J.♥ said:

    Well…. You should find out the foods that increase your metabolism rate&Eat three times a day helthily. Don’t pig out on junk food. That’d be bad. Drink at least three bottles of water a day.And make sure you don’t drink soda a lot. Run half a mile, walk half a mile and jog another half each day. Take walks at night and you can take those dumbells or whatever they are on your hands and workout. Do crunches for about 10 minutes a day and you’ll see results quickly.

    Don’t starve yourself or do anything that is dangerous for you or your body. God Bless.

  7. gvqwvv said:

    Stop drinking pepsi, coca cola and other soda pops all together. If you have to drink them, drink sprite or 7up.

    Try to drink as much water as you can, especially after each meal.

    Don’t starve yourself! Starving yourself slows down your metabolism, and makes your body hang on to its fat.

    Don’t over eat. If you are eating a meal, and you are full, but there’s still food on the plate, wrap it up and save it for later. It’s much healthier to eat 6 smaller meals in one day than 3 huge meals. If you eat smaller meals every few hours, this will speed up your metabolism and will help you burn fat.

    Cut back on the condiments (sauces) on your food. Only eat them if you really want to, sometimes you don’t really want them, so don’t drown your food in them.

    Remember, it’s only healthy to lose 1-2 a week. If you’re losing more than that, you are at risk for making yourself sick, or for getting saggy skin at the end of it. Since your prom is 2 months away, that gives you enough time to lose 15 pound healthily. Don’t try to aim for more than that. But if you only lose 8 pounds, still be happy with that! There’s not secret to losing weight fast. Anyone who tells you that there is, is lying and trying to sell you something.

  8. eg said:

    In 2 months one can reasonably lose about 10 kg ( 15 pounds or 2 stones). 1 kg per week is really reasonable. The trick is to limit the calories intake at under 1800 per day and exercise, like walk 30 mn every day … Good luck.

    I insist on calories because there is no way at least no logical way that the body can lose weight unless the calories intake is inferior to the calories expense. What is reassuring is that it always works… now there are ways that allow you to not actually count such as focusing on foods like fruits, vegs and lean meat but bear in mind that to not become sick one should eat some carbs and fat, also that prevents you from gaining back the weight when you stop the diet.
    Without doing anything, the body needs 2000 a day (for an adult woman of average height). If you were not eating anything you would lose around 1 kg a day. If diminished by 10% (200) over a week, with a little exercise that consumes calories and tones up your body, you’ve lost your kilo.

  9. anyahealth said:

    First thing is decide what size you want to be. Next: figure out what activity or sport you want to do to burn the extra calories.
    One thing that you can do is jump rope-cheap, easy, do it anywhere as long as you can do at least 20minutes and go for a ten min brisk walk.
    Another thing that doesn’t sound easy but if you’re committed you can definitely do it: cut wheat and dairy out of your diet for 2 months. You can lose at least 10lbs just avoiding breads, pastas,milk, cheese, you get it. A major side benefit:
    your skin will get more clear (less pimples and zits-yay!)
    If you want more help: [email protected]

  10. satiestar said:

    Low carb, Low carb! Hard to stick with at school unless you bring your own lunches. Eggs and sausage for breakfast. Egg or chicken salad (w/ mayo) for lunch. Nuts, berries, pepperoni, string cheese, sugar free jello for snacks. Just the meat and veggies w/ dinner (but no carrots, potatoes, or corn) and salads. Keep it healthy, though, and stay away from sugar free candies/breads/prepackaged stuff. Whenever I tell someone I’m doing low carb and they say that’s gross I tell them, no, I’m just eating REAL food, whole and natural. No processed stuff. Lose weight real quick, esp the 1st two weeks. Then it slows down to regular 2 lbs a week. Drink LOTS of water and add cardio and strength training. Run, walk around the block or in the park. Do pushups, situps. Do “dumbell” curls with stuff around the house…soup cans, etc. Good luck!

  11. ~No Scurd~ : - * said:

    NO: pop, fries, fast food, deep fried goodies, junk food or juice. Drink water(plenty), eat vegi’s, meats (protein), chicken breast(grilled or oven baked). Take multi-vitamins. You can’t starve yourself! It will come bak 2 haunt u! Trust me it happened 2 me. Walk, jog, run, sit ups, push ups. Try a workout dvd I use Carmen Electra’s strip 2 fit 2nd dvd. Its fun and works. Your body will only lose so much. Every1 is different.
    I wouldn’t go all crazy! If you looked like this all year it’s ok to lose as much as your body will the right way!
    Most importantly is that your hair looks great, your dress is beautiful, and you have a great attitude, big smile and wonderful friends to share this awesome day with!
    Be safe don’t drink and drive or all the weight you lose won’t matter!
    I’m sure you’ll look amazing!!=)
    Have a great time and congrats!
    Good Luck!

  12. Gerald B said:

    don,t eat anny flower or sugar or anny thing that is made of flower or got sugar in it or fats you will loose weight and stay healthy just veggies and such

  13. SF said:

    I have dropped a dress size in a month without going hungry. I eat a big fruit salad for breakfast with plain yogurt, a big salad with chicken or fish for lunch, then steamed or grilled fish or chicken for dinner with steamed veg or salad and I snack on any fruit that I want. I also allow myself a treat every Sunday, an ice cream or a chocolate bar or perhaps some bread and cheese. I try to include plenty of different fruit and veg to keep I interesting and I drink dry white wine or red or gin and slimline tonic. It isn’t for life, unless you are crazy, but it’s not a bad basis for future healthy eating, when I reach a size I feel happy with I plan to continue with the general theme but reintroduce brown rice and pasta, and also bread, cheese and up the treats to two a week. I am also trying to walk everywhere as much as I can and do some light weight work at least twice a week. It doesn’t feel very extreme so you could certainly do it temporarily.

  14. pawarnik said:

    hey if you like vegetables have carrot and cucumber as much as possible inst ed of junk food, early morning have warm water with lemon,
    in a day you have to drink at least four liters of water. best of luck
    let me know if it help.

  15. XH6TxjQ said:

    you need to find an exercise and eating (notice I didn’t say DIET) plan that works for you;

    You also need to find a strenuous physical activity that you actually enjoy, it might just be walking.

    Pretty soon your friends will be asking you for advice!

    Good luck, you can do this!!

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