How do i lose weight fast when?

how do i lose weight fast when i have a slow metabolizam i wanna lose 10 pounds what food can i eat and what exercises can i do i do belong to a gym and i do at lease a hour and a half of cardio daily but im not losing anything please help me

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3 Responses to “How do i lose weight fast when?”

  1. Camille said:

    You have to be extraordinarily disciplined. Try going on a liquid only diet. Smoothies, soups, juices….

    And cardio builds up muscle so it sometimes (frequently actually) gains weight. Workout with nothing other than the weight of your own body. Swimming is very good exercise and yoga/pilates too. Hope this helps!

  2. mika t said:

    Eating right and portion control will help. I also heard that raw honey and cinnamon helps, and cutting back on your carbs like sugar, bread, potatos etc.

  3. blank said:

    You should be getting results from your hour and a 1/2 cardio, but if you’re not then its because of what you eat. Don’t eat one large meal in a day, eat 6. Also, people say its better to eat bananas in the morning. you can youtube “banana diet”. They say that bananas boost your metabolism throughout the day. Stay away from snacks, instead eat a medium sized baked potato and it’s skin. the skin has a ton of vitamins and stuff. Potatoes are complex carbs, so they’re not easily stored as fats. Potatoes have little to no fat, unless you top it with some stuff! So, focus on bananas, baked potatoes (with nothing on it!!!), six meals a day, and your continuous cardio work out until you’re satisfied. Don’t forget to drink sufficient amount of water too!


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