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How do I lose weight fast and easy?

I am going to be starting school soon in september, and I really want to look great. I would like to know the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight by september without stressing myself out. What should I do?

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7 Responses to “How do I lose weight fast and easy?”

  1. apc661 said :

    go on the nicole richie diet!!…have nothing but crack!!!..jk!..i’d say eat the same type of food jus not as much and run everyday!

  2. biscuit t said :
  3. 1j4inquirY said :

    stop eating

  4. John D. said :

    sorry, fast and easy dont last long and have bad side effects. Give it time, exercise a little everyday and stop eating junk and fattening food.

  5. Yolandi V said :

    You have to be st ricked when going on a diet, nut the best one is to eat a balanced meal every day, that is a protein breakfast, your main dinner must be moved to your lunch time and at night to have a very light dinner, like meat with veggies ( no fibers because when you mix your meat with fiber you gain weight because fiber takes very long to digest, that is why you eat fiber for lunch because if you are active ” walking around” you burn the fiber very fast” and bring allot of water “2lt” a day, you’ll see you’ll feel much better everyday and have more energy.

  6. ellalalalalalaoohh said :

    go to the moon! haha. sorry i’m being such a retard. it might sound awkward but really mass is the proper term not weight. LOL. <3

  7. * April * said :

    Here are some great websites to help you get started with weight loss. Good luck =) And if you decide to get an online journal of your progress, stop by my weight loss journal and let me know how you’re doin!! =)

    (Best ways to lose weight)
    (Easy ways to lose weight)
    (Healthy ways to lose weight)

    (BMI calculator)
    (Boost metabolism)
    (Exercise How-To’s)


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