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How do i lose stomach fat quickly?

whats the best way to lose alot of stomach fat quikly without machines? tell me any tips like what to eatand drink or what not to eat and drink, what to do what not to do and how i do it and i shouldnt do it all that jazz u kno what im talkin bout? well thanx oh one last thing how do i increase my endurace?

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6 Responses to “How do i lose stomach fat quickly?”

  1. Simplicity said :

    don’t drink water after u have a meal wait atleast 30 min b4 drinking anything…and also do crunches b4 and after bedtime…:) hope this helps 🙂

  2. r6xtc said :


  3. Donnao said :

    There is really no easy way. Diet and excersize.

    Sorry but thats the truth.

  4. Abby Road said :

    Drink eight glasses of water a day and stay away from bad carbs such as bread and rice. Also don’t drink soft drinks (including diet) and forget the morning OJ or any other fruit juice. Steamed or raw veggies and whole fruits should be the staple of your diet plus lean protein such as salmon or chick peas.

    To increase your endurance, keep your heart rate at its maximum a little longer each time you exercise.

  5. gege said :

    1.stop eating so much meat reduce your meat eating and replace it with beans or somehting youll get th esame protein as in meat!
    2.dont drink any pops or juices just drink water!
    3.also trry to ease off the bread too because it cloggs you up!
    4.dont eat out any fast foods!(here is a little tip mcdonalds has a 10 second rule if you drop it on the floor you have 10seconds to pick it up!nasty isnt it?)
    5.dont eat any junk foods such as salted foods,chip,candy,cakes and so on! atleast 20 push ups a day then as you start getting use to push ups satart going up like 5 or 10 a day!

  6. Nutritionist Shelly said :

    Many people ask me how they can slim down. I recommend that people eat right and exercise. However, if they would like a little “help”, I suggest using natural Hoodia (it’s important to note that not all Hoodia works well, even if the bottle says “pure” or “standard”).

    The Hoodia sold at is in my opinion the best Hoodia on the market. It’s pure, has no side effects, and they give you a free 15 day sample (there is a $7.99 shipping and handling charge, but they also give you free recipe and diet guides). Fantastic results have been seen with this particular Hoodia.


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