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How do I lose my belly fat without reducing weight in other parts of my body?

Hi, I’ve been struggling in reducing the size or losing weight in my belly fat. If I do diet, I lose weight in my tight, legs, necks, stomach and arms. What I want to know is: How can I lose or reduce my belly fat without reducing proportions of my body since if I lose more weight I’d look like a skinny fat.

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10 Responses to “How do I lose my belly fat without reducing weight in other parts of my body?”

  1. Melsy said :

    Unfortunately you cant choose the places that you will loose weight from, if you begin working out, you will probably loose weight all over. If ur tummy is where you usually put must of of ur weight on, then there is a high chance that most of ur weight loss will come from there. Just start going to the gym.. do cardio 4-5 times a week and between 30-45 mins each time. (cross trainer and rowing machine are my 2 favorites). Add some weight training in ur workout as well. Since you want to loose weight off ur belly, focus on the machines designed for the stomach. If you do find that u are loosing weight in other places, you can build muscle to even out ur body. Example: You find that you are loosing weight off ur bum. Doing weights designed for the butt muscles will help build up ur butt and keep u in proportion. Hope I helped!

  2. Water Sh said :

    No matter how you slice it, diet is a dirty word. It smacks of deprivation and hunger pangs. To overcome the pain, you need a plan.

    So WebMD asked the experts for advice, and put together their quick tips on how to get your weight lossgoing.

    1. Know Your Weight Loss Goals

    2. Understand Your Weight Loss Personality

    3. Double Up: Diet & Exercise

    4. Make a Firm Weight Loss Commitment

    Finally, be sure you’re committed to losing weight for yourself — not because someone else is pressuring you to do so.

    Then, take things slowly, keep these tips in mind, and you should be on the road to weight loss in no time.

  3. Gaeww Ggg said :

    Here are my ten top tips to tip the scales your way:










  4. Light Hos said :

    Hi there,

    I think you might be getting a little mixed up with what you want exactly. You say that you want to lose “weight” but that means you might want to get rid of some muscle too. You then say that you’d like to “shape” (I’d call it tone) your body a little which implies you want to build some muscle. I’m not trying to pick at your question – I just want to clarify the point for you.

    To answer it in the best way, I am going to look at it as if you want to get rid of fat AND build muscle at the same time. If you’re looking to “trim” and “tone” your body, and espectially because you suggest you are not that overweight, I would suggest you start performing more intensive aerobic exercises such as jogging. I wouldn’t think you need to change the whole way you eat or go on a diet because if you’re wanting to build muscles – it’s better to do it all with exercise.

    Exercises like jogging won’t exactly “build” your muscles on your stomach but they will help reduce the extra fat around there. Depending on how fit you are, you should go on daily or bi-daily jogs of around a mile. To build muscles, you should concentrate on anaerobic exercises such as sit-ups to help build muscles.

    These muscle-building exercises will give your muscles the toning and training they need to grow and become more prominent. To start to see a real difference with sit-ups, you should be looking to do no more than 100 every day (more than that will often hurt your muscles).

    If you stick to doing those two forms of exercise – jogging and sit-ups, you should see real improvements in a week or two. Remember, you should do them as often as you can (I.E every single day).

  5. Note Pad said :

    Lose Weight Fast
    In this article we are going to show you some sensible PROVEN Ways to lose weight fast.

    1. Drink water

    2. Eat regularly

    3. Eat lots of fibre

    4. Consume more good fats

    5. Get plenty of quality protein

    6. Carbohydrates can help you lose weight

    – Healthy life every day!

  6. minootoo said :

    Do bally exercises, and total body work out, drink a gallon of water to keep the bally full.
    It will restore elasticity and slowly reduce the size. Eat a little yogurt with al main meal about 4 Oz a day, full cultured home made. Read all this.
    Body parts specific exercises and total body work out.

    Total body work out and must pay more attention to abdominal exercises. Must eat per the link below.

    Read all this and make your own program. Then stick to it, change it as needed but must have on to follow.

    Try, try, try. Do not give up.
    You will need few other measurement such as Need to put in the info on wrist size, measure “Fat Index”, ——,——-,—.

    Use this link.…

    Here is more info read it all and surf it. Most of it may not apply but is suggested reading only.
    For lots of solidified fat around the upper abdomen and tummy:

    Do abdominal exercises, and include total body work out too, so this fat may not migrate to other locations.

    Now let us talk about yoga and Gym:

    Learn the yoga by joining classes, and then at the end you can do it right at home. Then there is a Q? of affordability. But there are books in the library and there may be lot to learn free of charge on the net.

    Gym again is the Q? of time and affordability. Time it takes to go to gym can be utilised to do exercise at home.

    Best thing is to use both diet and exercises to reduce this extra weight and the fat.

    If you spend on gym and yoga classes then it is an added incentive to not to waste it. Spend it if you can afford it. You need to be inventive, Gallon jug filled with water is 7 lbs, so you can use two jugs as weights in each hand. A one pound can of soup or vegetables fits nicely in most people’s palm too, and make very nice light weights for exercising the arms.

    Here is more. Read it all then do as you please most program fail because they are made by other people, so after acquiring the knowledge make your own program up and write it down then do it if need be modify it as you see fit but do not give up try, try, again and again. You will feel good about it and feel very healthy.

    Here is more.
    Read this and do as you please.

    Yes, easy, buy a book call Mayo-clinic diet and follow it Also read this and do as you please. Work out 1 hour a day very day and eat the calories per the link below.

    So follow this link:…

    Your weight should be per this site give or take 10 pounds.

    If need be!!!!

    If still growing, so grow grace fully. Doing some Body parts specific weight free, free hand exercises can do wonders for biceps and triceps.

    Same for abs, do abdominal and side bends and front bends and even back bends.

    When you get going on biceps and triceps, you will have enough strength to do pull up and chin ups. Bicycling can save time and if possible swim in a safe place or in a pool ii it is convenient.

    In the mean time just hang from your hand and just keep trying one day you will be able to pull yourself up. Then try chin ups, and slowly add a one more every few days.

    All this is found on the Net and in the library, so read up on it and do it correctly so you that you may not get hurt.

    Here is a little more info.

    Must drink 1 gallon of water per day.

    Eat right, include all food groups per this site above. Do not exceed the total calories per day and eat at least 1500 calories per day every day. One pound of fat is about 3500 calories. You must sleep up to 7 to 9 hours a day time permitting and including naps.

    Go for a walk every day for 1 hour,around your residence, start slowly(5 minute), to warm up then increase the speed a little till you can maintain a good clip then slow down to cool off (5 minute before the end of 1 hour). Do the walking in one direction for about 30 minutes then return home, may take little longer.

    Or look up total body weight free free hand exercises and do them for 1 hour every day. You find them in the library and on the Internet. They can be done at home does not need gym.

    Click on “minootoo” then click on “best Answer” and read the relevant answers on Body building, weight and height.

  7. Gloss Flash said :

    The enclosed ten tips are designed to help you lose weight fast.

    The first 5 will get your metabolism working quickly to burn fat quicker and then you the 5 tips that follow will help you lose weight easily.

    These 10 tips can be incorporate in sensible any diet and will see you shed pounds and lose weight fast!

  8. Brewing Pig said :

    The enclosed ten tips are designed to help you lose weight fast.

    The first 5 will get your metabolism working quickly to burn fat quicker and then you the 5 tips that follow will help you lose weight easily.

    These 10 tips can be incorporate in sensible any diet and will see you shed pounds and lose weight fast!

  9. kobeman said :

    the answer to this is easy: lift weights and dont leave out any muscles groups, do calves, thighs, hamstrings, butt, abs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, etc

  10. ? said :

    I have always struggled with my weight. I remember being the fat kid in elementary school, feeling depressed compared to my other girl friends. My parents are really athletic, and my sisters are super thin and athletic. I remember constantly hearing negative comments from them throughout my younger years.
    Starting in high school, I began to experiment with different diet pills and programs – all of them just made me feel dizzy and got me nowhere. I tried every kind of extreme diet plan you can think of – the watercress diet, grapefruit diet, the Master Cleanse – they all just made me feel faint, depressed and deprived.
    It wasn’t until I started using a weight loss program that I became satisfied with my weight and the manner I was going about losing weight and getting the body of my dreams. They helped me figure out a way of eating that really worked for me, and helped me lose 14 pounds in just a little over two weeks. My friends and family were amazed with the difference in my body in as little as a week. I felt confident, healthy and balanced, knowing that I was in control of my weight and body at last.
    If you want to lose some weight, it is not necessary to take natural weight loss pills and supplements. The ugly side effect from taking weight loss pills may outweigh the benefit. The whole idea of a successful weight loss program is to approach it in a realistic manner without compromising your overall health.
    Read more info at


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