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How do i lose my belly fat fast,but not have to chage my diet that much?

Please help

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17 Responses to “How do i lose my belly fat fast,but not have to chage my diet that much?”

  1. Lawrence M. Enopee said :

    exercise, tubby.

  2. TreKKer2B said :


  3. delarosa74868 said :

    sit-ups is the only thing you can do

  4. JADE said :

    Exercise, exercise, exercise. Cardio exercises then sit-ups, abdominal crunches, lunges, walking, and leg lifts.

  5. mimi said :

    Excersice daily, and try to make it before a meal not after

  6. selena g said :

    You need to watch the foods you eat. The best I think would be to exercise.

  7. just_a_metaphor said :

    well if you’ve got a bad diet your not going to be able to loose your weight. try cutting out snacks and only eat at mealtimes and if you are hungry just eat fruit and exercise everyday, do situps and lunges, things you can do in your bedroom and not have to go to a gym. look up superfoods on the interenet and it will give you a great list of extremely healthy foods to help you loose weight

  8. inuyasha_1969 said :

    eat a lot of pepers and oatmeal fish chicken stay a way from white rice and bread,i lost 35 pounds in 5 months.

  9. Gargirl said :

    Many, many situps.
    It works for me.
    Or try clenching your tummy muscles while sitting at your computer.

  10. joedude471 said :

    sit ups

  11. alexandra p said :

    ok i did these army crunched 4 liek 2 weeks and lost a lot of fat but u still hav to eat better..u csn be the most active person but it u eat junk u will get fat. what u do 4 the crunched is you lay down, let soemone stand over you and hold onto their ankles. Then, keep your legs straight and your feet pointed upward and raise your feet (together) up to the person above u and bring them bak down without touchin the ground. P.S they hurt but they work

  12. mother said :

    To some people that are rude I would like to say walk a mile in there shoes first before beeing RUDE …….

  13. mamabear said :

    Sit-ups work fastest.
    Walking every day really does help
    Eat less fast-food, fried food and junk food
    Eat smaller portions of meat and starches
    Eat larger portions of fruits and veggies
    Use 1% milk instead of whole or 2%
    Use less sugar and salt (salt makes you retain water)
    Drink plenty of water so you are not as hungry

  14. Who Am I said :

    You can stick with the same foods (assuming you are not a junk food junkie), but eat smaller portions. Combine this with exercise.

    You have to do cardio-vascular exercises which burn fat. Running, biking, aerobics, etc. Do not listen to those who say lots of sit-ups or crunches. These exercises do not burn much fat. They are for the purpose of toning up your stomach muscles. No matter how toned/developed these muscles get, you still have to burn away the fat which is covering them.

  15. Opus said :

    Echoing much of the above 2 answers:
    You cannot “spot reduce” — situps, crunches, etc. are NOT effective. They are only helpful in that they burn some calories, but they will NOT reduce your belly fat any more than any other kind of exercise.
    Eat what you like, but eat LESS of it!
    There is no “forbidden” food – that’s a common myth. Just be careful to watch how much you’re eating.
    Drinking lots of water is a popular myth. Has NEVER been shown to have any real effect. Drink when you’re thirsty. Period.

  16. livingstyle said :

    Find some good and effective exercises
    for reducing belly fat.

  17. Simi G said :

    The healthiest way to prevent a fat stomach is by ensuring that your weight is normal for your height. Ensure that the energy provided by the food you eat matches the energy you burn performing your daily activities.You can reduce belly fat by doing exercises like walking, swimming and rowing. Such activities help in supplying enough oxygen to the body to burn fat.More info at


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