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How do I lose my belly fat and get abs?

About 2 years ago I went from 165 to 195 and my 34″ waist disappered. I went on a diet consisting of 3 meals a day and only water, while doing crunches every morning and in just a couple of months I was down to 175 and my waist was back to normal. My waist and body still look the same, but I have now reached back to 185 and my belly fat just won’t go away no matter what I do. I have always wanted abs and being 6’2 and 185, I am by no means overweight yet the only fat I have is my stomach. How do I burn that fat easiest and quickest? I am on the go a lot with college so I don’t have a lot of time to focus on a strict diet or intense weight training.

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6 Responses to “How do I lose my belly fat and get abs?”

  1. PinkBabe said :

    Sit ups!

  2. mackade2002 said :

    I have found that saran wrap around your stomach, worn daily, along with exercise and watching what you eat, helps to burn stubborn belly fat.

  3. J man said :

    you need to MAKE time. if you really want to have a 6pack you have to be dedicated and willing to make a sacrifice, weither its getting up early to go to the gym and run, or not going to that party that you dont necessarily need to be at, or not eating that fast food. you have to diecide that you want it and are willing to do whatever it takes. this may sound harsh, but thats just the way it is, you only get what you put in.

    with that out of the way, your abs will only show if you have below 8% body fat on your stomach, so you need to do crunches, and cardio, lots of cardio, also cut the calories in your diet, and cut out all fast food, and junk foods. eat clean healthy whole foods. and drink water. limit alcohol intake,

    it comes down to weither or not you are willing to work for it. if you dont put anything into this, you will never get results out of it.

  4. ZAHEER A said :

    Every time you start your meal drink two glasses of water at least 3/5 of a liter continue with this practice and you will see the results.

  5. yumm said :

    read tips on weight loss and exercise programs including a great ab workout on this site to help you

  6. cookiemnster73 said :

    Change your diet, drink lots of water, eat leaner foods and meats, add protein supplements. It’s really not that hard, and can be tasty. Belly fat tends to be the hardest to get rid of, so it will take a little longer.
    Do crunches that focus not just on the abs but also on the “love handles”. Try varying the angles and inclines that you do your crunches. Crunches are way more intense and give much better results than sit-ups.
    Also this may sound really odd, but suck in your gut all the time, obviously not to the point where you can’t breathe but to where your stomach is tight, and you can still talk. I barely do sit-ups or crunches, but using that method i’ve had “abs of steel” since i was 9. I just use the crunches as maintenance now.
    Good luck!


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