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How do I lose leg fat?

I am pear shaped and even though i got this from a mixture of my dad and mom (mom is skinny, dad is chubby), like genes, i still don’t like my backside and thighs! i guess my calves are okay but i wanna lose some fat on my thighs 🙁
oh yeah and i weigh about 100 lb i’m 13 and i’m about 160 cm. is this okay? oh yeah and i already got my period, fyi.


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4 Responses to “How do I lose leg fat?”

  1. Jacqueline J said :

    I have the same problem as you! My mum is skinny and my dad is bigger, although he isnt fat. I dont like my legs at all! Try doing some aerobics or something, like leg exercises, because whatever diet or anything I go on, I never seem to lose the weight quickly from my legs. Walking is also good as well! good luck.

  2. ansarmaqs said :

    You can not target fat at a particular area of your body by any exercise (spot-reduction). The place where fat accumulates first and leaves the last is the upper thighs and lower abdomen. To lose overall fat the best regimen is aerobics thrice a week and weight training thrice a week, along with a low carb diet.

  3. ค lє ץ คภ ๔ г ค● said :

    If you could there is horse back riding.
    Or those leg thingys at the gym.

    Those build muscle.

    Hope I helped?

    Good Bye

  4. Minnie said :

    Hate to break the news but targeted weight loss is impossible.
    You can try muscle training like squats and lunges because stronger muscle areas burn more fat when resting but really the way to lose weight is to a mixture of toning, aerobics and a balanced diet and see where the fat comes off from.

    But you’re only 13 and your body may change. My sister was very chubby when she was a kid but at 15 she shot up to 5″9 and became very slim!

    you may find that as you grow older your shape may change, but to me you sound healthy. i remember back at 13 most girls always envied those with shapely figures like yours!


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