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how do i lose fat on my thighs fast?

i have really big thighs for my body type, im not skinny but i know im not big, how do i lose fat from my thighs fast?

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4 Responses to “how do i lose fat on my thighs fast?”

  1. Melinda. said :

    Wicked hard cardio

  2. Qazi Wahaj said :

    To lose fat around the thigh area, you need to perform stretches…

    While standing hold something of waist height to support your body, then hold one leg at a time with adjacent hand and pull as far as you can… DON’T over exert you could tear a muscle or ligament…
    This was for the frontal area of thigh …

    For back area where there is usually fat you need to put your leg straight on the waist height thingy and bend forward towards your knee…

  3. Diana said :

    Try to jog a half hour every morning, and make sure to kick your legs up high while your jogging.

    You can also try to do atleast 40 squats a day…
    put your hands out in front of you, spread your feet about 2 feet apart and squat down slowly, and back up. It burns your fat on your thighs and stomach and tightens muscle.

  4. gloria said :

    thanks 4 suggesting that i should try doing squads i hope it works


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