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How do I lose fat off of my lower belly and sides?

I have a small bone structure but there’s fat around my sides and lower belly that I can’t get rid of. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of it? I know running and such but does anyone know of a different way?

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18 Responses to “How do I lose fat off of my lower belly and sides?”

  1. Bonnie S said :

    sit ups

  2. Maggie MercuryMorrisonTownshend said :

    I would like to know as well.

  3. EMILYx937 said :

    you cant actually target just one part of your body,no matter what fad diets try to tell you. its a proven scientific fact that to lose weight in one part,you have to lose it in all.

  4. red top said :


  5. drama queen said :

    i heard crunches but i diid it for few month nothing happened so i gave up

  6. 31 ford said :

    Try an Eiffel tower.

  7. ideaquest said :


  8. not2shy said :

    At target you can get a small excercise ball I would try doing a minimum of twenty puchips off it daily and that shoulw work your body fat and make it tighter.

  9. fghghgh g said :
  10. abdiver12 said :

    Do leg lifts. Lie flat on the ground, legs straight, and slowly lift them to a 90 degree angle then slowly lower them. Repeat for about 30 times. To work the sides, lift legs at an angle. Or if you’re a member of a gym, there’s an apparatus where you can do this vertically. This will work your lower abs.

  11. crystal_of_ravenclaw said :

    Umm cruches and sit ups and stuff like that. You can go on YouTube and search for like 8 minute abs and if you get the right video you should find the work out that works with all that stuff.

  12. javifromfontana said :

    eat less junk food and exercise(eat healthy)

  13. Me... said :

    Your body sheds pounds evenly all over. It isn’t going to just loose weight on your tummy and thighs. Just start up some cardio and strength training, and stick with it.

  14. A-Wall said :

    fat is lost at a constant you can not necessarily target one area you just have to lose weight in order to lose that fat, doing stomach exorcises and such will actually make it more apparent because the muscle will get bigger under the fat making the fat more visible

  15. Miss Depp said :

    omg i know the best thing. If you only have a little bit of fat then do crunches every day and pushups .. you may not be able to do them at first but u will gain strength!! trust me. Add 5 every day till you get to a healty 55 or 50 crunches and 50 pushups a day. Also i kno that i get a good workout by going up and down stairs. you will feel pain after a week but thats you gaining muscle! and if the scale weight rises?! well thats you meaing you have gained MUSCLE! good job! because muscle weighs more than fat .. keeep this in mind..
    keep in touch?? -Miss. Depp lol buhbye

  16. samar said :

    crunches and situps forward and to the side. you should try and have your lower back elevated so that you are not flat on the floor when u do it. also eat less

  17. Roland said :

    You can’t spot reduce. Running is actually not the best thing to get rid of that fat anyway. Try being a little more active, eating 5 small meals a day and cut out any drinking/late night eating. Eat breakfast (Kashi cereal is great) and try to swap some of your staple foods with whole grains and fiber (just be sure to drink plenty of water).

  18. Ray said :

    core training


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