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How do I lose fat around my lower abs?!?!?

I’ve been going to the gym and i have been losing fat and gaining muscle very well. But i can’t seem to lose any fat from my lower abs. How can i lose the fat?

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5 Responses to “How do I lose fat around my lower abs?!?!?”

  1. Bluffmaster said :

    yu cant

  2. ula said :

    If you are looking the best way to lose fat, i suggest doing what this mom did

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  3. Karen said :

    healthy women are supposed to have fat on their stomachs. be realistic about your body. eating disorders creep up on you.

  4. DrScience said :

    I have two suggestions. 1. use google to find a site that gives a list of alkaline versus acid foods. The American diet is too acid, and your body stores extra acid in fat. Try to eat more of the alkaline foods. Search “alkaline foods.” 2. Sit-ups will strengthen your muscles, but aren’t that good for slimming. Try holding a weight in each fist, and act like a boxer, punching at the air while twisting at the waist. This will tighten your side muscles which will pull in your stomach area. Hope this helps.

  5. Muscle Building Underground said :

    There’s no such thing as spot reduction. You should exercise these areas to firm up the muscles in your lower stomach and inner thighs. At the same time, build your upper body, chest, back, sholders and arms to give yourself a more balanced look.


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