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How do I lose a pound of fat while gaining muscle?

I wanna lose 1-2 pounds of muscle but I wanna gain like 2 pounds of muscle!

I recently gained 2 pounds but it was ALL fat so now I wanna replace it with muscle.
I am a girl.
I am 13.
I weigh 79.5 pounds
I am 4’11

What should I eat? What exercises should I do?

Please help!!! Thanks!
10 points!

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12 Responses to “How do I lose a pound of fat while gaining muscle?”

  1. Femme said :

    Lift weights

  2. Merilyn <3 said :

    don’t worry about it 79.5 pounds

  3. cupidgirl. said :

    eat lean protein, vegetables, whole wheat, lean dairy
    do squats, push-ups, crunches, lunges, dips, run & bike. these are all things you can do at home. look them up online

  4. cagess1982 said :

    Eat more protein at each meal. The more protein you eat, the more easily body fat will be lost and the more easily muscle mass builds. For your weight training exercises, lift with enough weight that you’re tired by the 10-12th repetition.

    Lower body: squats, lunges, plies
    Upper body: Back rows, chest presses, pushups, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, lateral raises
    Core: Front and side crunches, leg raises, swimmer pose

    Look for fitness magazine websites for instructionals and how-tos!

  5. Super Answers! said :

    To be honest at 13 i dont think tis sometihng you need to get to worried aobut, i know body images is a big thing and wlel to be hoenst no one would like to think there fat but if you msut turn your fat into muscle then you dont lsoe weight you jsut do weights and stuff and strengthen your legs tummy and arms. Eat plenty of protein vegetables and fruit be healthy but am not sayign deny yourself a peice of chocolate sjut introduce mroe veggies ect. and erm if you search muscle excersises you willg et all kinda of thing or youtube will even have videos

    but to be honest you probably dont even need to anyway good luck:)

  6. ♪Ellie Belly♪ said :

    If you’re only 79 pounds you don’t have to lose any weight! If you want to build muscle, it depends where you want your muscle to grow. If it’s in your belly, do some crunches. If it’s in your arms, do push ups or lift weights. If it’s in your thighs, maybe some squats, and so on. There’s really nothing special you have to eat.

  7. Jason P said :

    you don’t replace fat you use it as fuel. When you work out you’re tearing up your muscles in very small amounts that’s why you feel sore after a decent workout. You know what just remember this muscle activity burns fat, protein builds muscle. Ready, set, go.

  8. Donald S said :

    Do calisthenics. It will keep you in beautiful shape while transforming fats into muscles. Actually: the fat burns away and the muscles get stronger from exercising. Swimming is an exercise that works more muscles than any other single activity. It also reduces stress on joints.

  9. Reggiani J said :

    Send me an email tell me the details of what you eat and how u exercise and do tell me everything, because based on just those facts I can’t really help you. If you send me the email than I would be able to tell you

  10. kristy U said :

    herman’s link is a virus

  11. mrmoo2u55 said :

    First of all, with a BMI of about 16, you’re already pretty underweight. You need a solid foundation of body space to gain muscle. I would recommend that you gain at least 10-15 pounds of fat *first*, with potatoes and starches kind of diet, after that about 25-40 pushups a night will make your arms and chest much stronger within a somewhat short period of time, Over about 2 months of doing this already I lost a lot of excess arm fat and gained chest and arm muscle.

    I’m a 15 year-old guy, and this is what guys like to see on girls. And dont obsess over your muscle, too much isnt good at all. And when you’re older its better to be curvier, even if it means some fat on you.

    Good luck

  12. Katy said :

    sounds to me like that 2 sounds was a good thing.. even 79 lbs for your height is tiny.


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