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How do i lose a lot of weight fast?

i have to lose weight fast! whats a quick, easy, and cheap way?

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6 Responses to “How do i lose a lot of weight fast?”

  1. Amanda N said :

    Drink lots of water 8 to 10 glasses a day it will flush your fat…

  2. Amanda said :

    Daily 45 mins cardio, sets of strengthening exercise (weights) and low calory diet with lots of water. This never fails.

  3. Carôle C said :

    I have been on a Herbalife weight management programme for 9 months now. The basis of the programme is good nutrition. The meal replacements are Protein Shakes that you make yourself (like smoothies).1 Shake a day for a healthy way to maintain your current weight, 2 Shakes a day for weight loss, 3 Shakes a day with your meals to gain weight. It’s all personalised for you. They have 6 flavours of Protein Shakes – Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla & Cappuccino (my favourite).

    The programme also teaches you how to prepare healthy, nutritional meals (colourful meals) in a simple to follow, easy to do way.

    I’ve lost 2 stones 8lbs. (I averaged about 3lbs weight loss per week on a good week). I’m still on the programme & it’s really, really easy. If you have a blender at home, making the shakes is quicker than making a cup of tea! Go to to try out a sample pack to see if you’d like the programme.

  4. Big B said :

    losing a lot of weight fast is not healthy or good for your body. only time and effort will do the trick. good luck don’ hurt your body we only get one.

  5. Engineer said :

    Just by fast walking or running for 30 minutes in the morning on daily bases for a couple of weeks without eating carbohydrates and reduce sweets

    Regards, Good Luck

  6. Daisy said :

    stop eating like a fat hog! Duh….!!!!


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