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How do I loose weight fast without doing exercises?

I really don’t like to do exercises but I would really like to loose some weight. I would really like to look good for the summer! So how do I loose weight fast without doing exercises?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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14 Responses to “How do I loose weight fast without doing exercises?”

  1. MatD said :
  2. Moderator W said :

    Eat Lots of Vegetable instead of meat

  3. Lydia said :

    The truth is it is pretty much impossible to lose a substantial amount of weight without both diet and exercise. Eating healthy alone won’t cut it. Exercise alone won’t cut it.

    However, low carb diets do cause you to drop a lot of weight very quickly, but they are not entirely healthy. Talk to your doctor about it.

  4. ♂ ♫ Timberwolf said :

    quit eating, that’s the only way to lose (not loose) weight fast without exercise, i don’t recommend it because it is unhealthy.

  5. brandywine93 said :

    well sorry to say this, but part of losing weight has to deal with exercise…..

    : (

    i really don’t like exercising either but it’ll pay off

  6. lololol said :

    limit junk food and dont eat alot.

  7. loves me bubs said :

    If you lose weight fast you put it straight back on trust me oh and dont forget the added Kgs healthy eating and any form of activity is always good make your daily life into exercise its easy dont take the cheaters way out there really isnt one any way

  8. Jenna Bee said :

    drink lots of WATER.

    and eat veggies, fruits, and stay away from white bread products.

  9. leslie r said :

    stop being lazy and exercise. it’s the BEST way to lose weight. you may hate it but if you really want to lose weight. that’s your best bet. you can lose weight by eating right but only a small amount. the only way you’re going to get the look you want is by using a combination of eating healthy and adding extra protein to help with muscle definition. and EXERCISING. you don’t have to do things that are mind numbingly boring like running to exercise. join a dance class. hot yoga. anything to get you moving. my personal opinion is to get a friend to work out with you, that always makes it fun or at least tolerable. but honestly. if you want fast results. exercise is the way to go.

  10. Robert S said :

    The secret is to cut out sugar & starches in all forms.
    Substitute whole-grain lo-carb tortillas for white bread.
    Give up soft-drinks, except for diet drinks at a minimum.
    Avoid fast foods like french fries & potato chips.
    Substitute sugar-free candy & chocolate for regular type.

  11. Sparrow said :

    I have found drinking lots of water, eating more raw foods than cooked and drinking raw fruit and veggie juices to work wonders. Once I drank 1/2 gallon of raw veggie juice every day for a month. I lost 20 pounds. I don’t recommend it to everyone. It was tough, my body was dumping toxins so fast I was sick a lot. But I felt so good when I was done! And I’d lost 20lbs. =)

    I can’t recommend these CD’s by Dr. Joel Robbins enough! Especially the Heath Through Nutrition and Juicing for Health.

    I have found this book helpful,

    (I am not a doctor and don’t claim to give advice.)

  12. info9000maxwell said :

    you eat lots of rice and water and keep the sugar low… you should loss fast weight….

  13. sonni c said :

    The first thing you need to do is get a calorie chart so you can keep track of the food you eat. Eat smaller portions, no seconds, no junk food, drink lots of water cut out soft drinks and high calorie drinks. Eat healthy low fat snacks. Try to get a friend to join you so you have support and can motivate each other this helps a lot.

    I know you don’t want to exercise but it’s in your best interest to do so because you can weigh the right weight but still be flabby with no muscle tone so it won’t look nearly as good as you may think.

    You can always do an activity you enjoy so that you will do it such as swimming, dancing, walking, a team sport etc. Get your friend to do this with you too so it will be fun.

  14. Tia J said :

    Are you tired of exercising and not seeing any results? More and more people are finally understanding that their ability to lose body fat has very little to do with the amount of exercising they do.

    The secret to losing body fat is more about letting your body burn away its stored fat. Your body will naturally burn fat. What you want to do is diet so you body will burn its stored fat. If you don’t diet, all you are doing is allowing your body to burn the fat and calorie intake for that day.

    Understand this, you have to be careful what diet you decide to do. There are alot of gimmick diets out there you want to stay away from. You want to find a diet that will allow you to still eat all the foods you love. These diet plans you see on TV are very deceiving. Alot of diets will allow you to lose body fat but will make it impossible to keep it off. Most of those diet plans are not helping you to learn HOW to eat. Gimmick diets will change your eating habits temporarily. They will not give you a realistic guide to follow. In order to keep the fat off for good, you need a diet plan that you can follow forever.

    That kind of diet sounds impossible to find. Believe it or not but that kind of diet is easy to find. There are alot of diets that will teach you that it is far more important to learn WHEN to eat rather than what to eat. By learning when to eat certain foods, you will be able to still eat all the foods you love while still losing weight. That is the secret to keeping your weight off for good.

    Quit waisting your time with all those gimmick diets. Learn how to change your eating habits and keep the body fat off for good.


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