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How do I loose heaps of weight quickly?

I’m am in the obesity range and I want to a lo as in HEAPS of weight EXTREMELY quickly. Help me.

Also if you give me the answer I want its an easy 10pts.

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10 Responses to “How do I loose heaps of weight quickly?”

  1. lex. said :

    if u loose loads quickly.. ur body wont be able to cope.
    it will all come back on again
    ur should eat and excersie regularly!
    if u starve urself..when u finnaly eat ur body will store every little calorie it can even if u dont need it….
    but if u eat healthy ur body wont. it will only store what it needs to survive.

    try a healthy eating, exercising portian controlled meals !

    good luck

  2. Fish 'n' Chips <3 said :

    i know u probley dont want to here this, but the healthy way is to lose up to 2lbs a week. take daily walks and eat healthy, and i promise you’ll see a difference.

  3. ♥Health♥ said :

    Do it for yourself : easiest way to lose weight is to decide for yourself that you really want to lose weight if you are not motivated enough than nothing is going to happen
    Exercise : do cardio exercise, yoga, pilates its great to burn fat and it will tone ur body as well, Dancing can be one of the ways of a work out and you may not even get bored of it.
    Diet wise : drink 8-10 glasses of water. U should have a healthy balanced diet have more fibre and protein in your diet they keep you full and energized and you should have small meal every 3 hours and don’t eat before 3 hrs of going to bed and soup it make u full and has less calories just avoid the cream and make the soup in this way mix veggies and water sort of a thick soup its very filling and sometimes tasty. You should look at how you are eating these days. Eating healthy food lets you have a healthy body. You should stop using food that has fat and contains sweets in it. You should prefer having fruits and vegetables over them along with some work out. Check the below articles for weight loss tips.

  4. jaske said :

    Starve. Gain the weight back. Starve.

    Eat less. Exercise. Slow sticks.

  5. DREEYYY(: said :

    Sign up for a gym/personal trainer
    if you can’t, then get health magazines or books that can help you with losing weight
    try a healthier diet, like weight loss shakes.
    its best to stay away from pills, because it can be addictive which will cause the opposite effect.

    but before you do any of this, visit your doctor for the best way to do so, sometimes they will take you to see a dietitian.

    if you really want to lose weight, do it slowly. i know its annoying to weight, but you can seriously get sick or worse if you force it.

    hope this helps a bit, and goodluck =D <3

  6. Karen R said :

    change you diet to something that cuts out fat and sugar as much as you can, do regular physical activity and this can be as little 3 10 minute walks a day. Don’t skip meals because if you do that you tend to snack on unhealthy things later, and you have have have have have to stick to a plan.ok Oh and treat yourself once a week.

  7. Dan² said :

    I have a power saw and you have limbs that weigh a fair amount.
    You could lose 30 pounds in a matter of minutes….

  8. Shakil said :

    Please use Ultra Slim of The Vitamins Company.

  9. Ralph R said :

    I’m trying to lose weight too and it’s sooo hard. My aunt is using a weight loss product and it’s really working for her (100% natural). I’m gonna try it and I recommend you try it too. It’s really a colon cleanse, and it’s a healthy way to detox, not like most diet pills. Check their website at , my aunt got a free trial and paid only $4.95 shipping and handling.

  10. Panacea said :

    There is only one way that is effective for losing “heaps of weight extremely quickly”. That’s bariatric surgery (stomach stapling and related surgery). It’s unpleasant and dangerous but it does work. If you are morbidly obese or if you are developing diabetes, your doctor might consider this for you. If not, good luck finding a doctor that would consider it (did I mention it is unpleasant and dangerous).

    If you want to lose heaps of weight, slowly, but steadily and with little effort, get a copy of the book “The Shangri-La Diet” and check out the Seth Roberts forum:

    Oh yeah…..avoid people who post various supplements and other nonsense for weight loss. They are all scams. Things like hoodia do NOTHING. Even weight loss medications do very little. They can’t touch the appetite suppressing effects of The Shangri-La Diet method. Combine this with a structured eating program like Weigh Watchers and you will absolutely get where you want to go.

    And that includes exercise programs too. Exercise is relatively worthless for losing weight because very few calories are burned except in the most intense workouts 99% of the population can’t handle. Most of your calories are burned maintaining your body temperature. If you are completely sedentary, you can get maximum benefit from exercise simply by walking a half hour a day. What this does is raise your body temperature back to normal, if it has fallen due to long term inactivity. Skip the expensive gym membership. It won’t give you what you want (great place to meet people though).


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