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How do I loose a lot of weight REALLY fast?

I want to loose weight and loose it fast, but I don’t want to spend lost of money, hurt myself, or get in trouble with M&D.

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6 Responses to “How do I loose a lot of weight REALLY fast?”

  1. Stacy said :

    Here is what I do and several celebrities, eat a small mean every 3 hours and it boosts your metabolism and burs calories and you lose weight. Small meals=salads, sandwiches, and such.

  2. Criss said :

    I’d say the faster way to lose weight is to follow a raw-food diet and work-out each day, about maybe 3 miles on the treadmill speed-walking or jogging.

    It’s a crash diet way to lose, but it’s fast.

  3. bryce_jacobs said :

    work yourself to your breaking point 4 times a day…if not more…eat 4 or 5 smaller meals a day, drink lots of water…try to avoid drinking anything else, unless its gatorade…Its healthy as long as you dont do any workout that is going to hurt you…try jogging in the morning before breakfast, then do pushups and situps until you cant do anymore before lunch…then do the same thing before your second lunch….and again before dinner….and maybe once before bed if youre feeling good….but be smart…know when youve had to much. most importantly, drink water and eat right

  4. Virgo_Girl said :

    join a fitness club, and talk to your doctor about a diet that’s best for you.
    The fitness club will have trainers so you won’t hurt yourself, they will start you off slow and easy and gradually build your workouts up.
    Plus the diet that your doctor fits you into, you would not only be in shape, but also healthy.

  5. BadBrad8910 said :

    If weight loss is what you’re looking for then here’s what you need. The best combination for weight loss is calorie restriction, resistance training, and aerobic work. Let’s start with calorie restriction. Over the years I have had personal training clients as well as athletes come to me wondering why they are not losing weight. They tell me they eat right, exercise right, say their prayers, eat their vitamins, etc., and they just can’t seem to lose weight. Well, most of the time, once I really get to know them, I find that nutrition is the culprit. You need to know what you’re eating. Most of the people I’m talking about all thought they did.

    How do you change this? Well, it may sound tough, but it’s not that bad. You need to keep track of what you eat for 2 days over the week, and 1 day over the weekend. Next, go to you’re local book store. You can find charts, books, and computer programs that will help you analyze the foods you ate. Another suggestion would be to take your dietary recall to a nutritionist or exercise physiologist at your local college and let them find it for you.

    These recalls will tell you how many calories you’re getting plus where they are coming from. For example, are they coming from protein, carbohydrate, or fat. It will help you see where you stand nutritionally.

    Next, you need to get on a good strength program. When a person is losing weight, the weight comes from fat, as well as muscle. That’s kind of an unfortunate thing because muscle is an important thing when keeping metabolism high. There is enough research out there to safely say that when going through a phase of high intensity aerobic work and calorie restriction, strength training decreases muscle wasting. So, in short, strength-train. It’s important. I wouldn’t strength-train for anymore that 20 to 30 minutes. You can get what you need in a short period of time.

    After the strength training, it’s time to get on the bike, treadmill, stepper, track, whatever. Keep your workouts to 30 minutes and up in order to burn the calories. Train between 3 to 5 times per week. Keep your heart rate at 60 to 90% of heart rate max.

    Don’t look at losing weight as some mysterious monster that you can’t get the reins on. Look at it as nothing more than stored energy. That’s what fat is?stored energy. If you had a tank full of energy and it kept filling up higher and higher, what would you do to keep your tank from growing too large from the excess energy? Well, burn some of the energy off. That’s what you need to do to lose weight. Keep the “energy in” lower than the “energy out” and abracadabra, you’re losing weight.

    Note: You need to change your routine every 2-3 weeks in order to get the best results.


    Leg Press 2×12
    Chest Press 2×12
    Lat pull down 2×12
    Shoulder Press 2×12
    DB Curl 2×12
    Tricep kickback 2×12
    Aerobic Work 30 or more minutes.

    Click Here For A Printable Log Of Monday!


    Aerobic work 30 or more minutes of aerobic exercise.

    Same as Monday.

    Same as Monday, or take a day of rest.

    Same as Monday.

  6. Opus said :

    Loose = opposite of Tight

    The word you want is spelled LOSE.
    Learn to spell!!


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