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How do I know what percent of fat is in my diet?

They talk about 30% fat but does that mean add what is in each food and it should be under 30%? And how do I figure out fat and calories in things like fruits and vegetables?

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One Response to “How do I know what percent of fat is in my diet?”

  1. UofMWolverines03 said :

    The three sites below should help you out. The first one will show you how to calculate the percentage of fat in your daily calories. Just write down the calories and saturated fat in everything you eat each day and then, do the math as shown on the first address linked below.

    The other two sites are great for looking up how many calories are in various foods. You usually can have good luck by Googling “calories oranges” or “calories *whatever you ate*” too.

    Good luck!


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