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how do i keep fit and lose weight without getting manly legs?

i need to lose weight and am getting stuck into my new regime. i’ve always had prominent calf muscles, and whenever i get fit they always get bigger which i think is quite unfeminine.
any ideas on how i can still work out but keep my legs shapely rather than too muscly?!

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10 Responses to “how do i keep fit and lose weight without getting manly legs?”

  1. Marcos A said :

    have a sex op , that way you can be fat and no one will notice as much!

  2. Hannah R said :

    one word stretch your muscles after exercise it is just as important it stops muscles from building that’s what i do am it works!!!

  3. Xzyle said :

    Don’t do high resistance with your legs. Avoid Squats Lunges and Leg Presses. Stay on the machines. Leg kickback are good and anything with resistance band should be good.

  4. Playa801 said :

    Well, if your working the treadmill then make sure the intensity level is low and just go faster. have it around 3 or 4 and Just peddle faster. You’ll burn fat but wont gain as much muscle just have your legs skinnier.

  5. ? said :

    Acutally, stretching the muscles HELPS building them because it tears at the broken fibres and allows more mass to grow.

    I used to have the same problem as you, I did the simple thing of just working on toning up my back and arms and didn’t touch the lower body area. The lean muscle on my arms and back and stomach are keeping me fit and my calfs don’t look manly anymore because the muscle is weak (which is not good, I know, but I don’t wanna look like a guy lol)

  6. da'zone said :

    swimming.. its an all round excercise.. works most muscles without putting your weight on your legs.

  7. elliebear said :

    Less work out on the legs and add walking to your regime.

  8. StevieMo said :

    walk, i do and i am a skinny guy with a nice pair of legs.

  9. yog_sothoth_the_gate said :

    press ups, sit ups that sort of stuff

  10. bassifiedmotherchuck said :

    Check out this web, it tells you EVERYTHING needed for fat loss.
    You won’t regret it! =]
    Good Luck!

    As for the legs , when you lose weight that will go away


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