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How do I handle my slim friends constant talk about losing weight?

We can’t have a conversation without her saying that she would like to or needs to lose weight – it’s driving me insane, is she just saying that to get reassurance or compliments off people? I don’t know how to react when she says these things.

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8 Responses to “How do I handle my slim friends constant talk about losing weight?”

  1. leeseylou2 said :

    Well, it depends on their goals. I am slim, yet I’m trying to lose weight for a vacation I’m going on. I don’t NEED to, but I want to lose a few extra pounds. If they want to lose weigh DRASTICALLY, then I’d tell them to get some help, and show them how healthy they are. But if they just want to lose a few pounds, there’s nothing wrong with it. Seriously, a lot of “slim” people want to get into the habit of eating healthy and working out as a means of prevention; to avoid having to lose pounds later in life, when it’s much, much harder.

    Good luck!

  2. debby k said :

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  3. John D said :

    I have the same problem with the girls I sit next to at work constantly talking about their diet and how many points a cracker is worth. Best solution is to say that they are looking a bit puffy or make mention that their clothes are looking a little tighter today. They will eventually starve themselves to death and give you peace.

  4. hapigrl85 said :

    Sounds like she is insecure and probably does want to some comfort from friends, such as yourself, but I wouldn’t give to her. Because really, no matter how many times she says she needs to lose weight and you reassure her she doesn’t, she will always say it again a day later. Instead of saying you don’t need to lose any weight, suggest exercises or diets. That way you really mess with her mind and she more than likely will not keep on asking you does she need to lose weight, because she knows your answer! (This is even if she doesn’t need to lose weight.) I know this from personal experience.
    If that doesn’t work, just change the subject completely to something else. I know exactly what you are going through, and it does get annoying sometimes. Good luck!

  5. Gina G said :

    She seems to be wanting attention. Maybe she has emotional needs and this is the only way she can feel accepted. Ignore her when she brings it up. If she continues to talk about it, then tell her your tired of hearing it and you thought there was more to your friendship than that. Then start a conversation about different ways that you two as friends can help other people in need. Usually when vain people do things for others, it takes their minds off of themselves.

  6. Pearl said :

    I think you need to be honest with your friend and tell her that you don’t want to hurt her feelings but you do get annoyed when she keeps going on about losing weight and would appreciate if you could talk about other things and take it from there.

  7. Tracy R said :

    maybe she thinks she’s fat,i mean people tell me im slim but sometimes i don’t feel that i am,even though i am,but i always want to be a bit slimmer.

  8. mandymew said :

    Tell the silly mares they are very boring and dull.


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