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How do I get rid of some extra belly fat?

I excersize at least a couple of times a week for a least thirty minutes, and I eat a healthy diet. However, I still have extra fat over my ab muscles. (Which are very hard, if I do say so myself.) I know that I can’t lose all the fat, I just want to lose a healthy amount. When I excersize, I use the elliptical machine (or bikes), I do crunches on and off the ball, and I use weights to tone my arms. Any suggestions to get rid of that little extra belly fat?

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2 Responses to “How do I get rid of some extra belly fat?”

  1. sathish4000 said :

    well.. thtats gud to hear.. its very hard to be doign what you are doing.. anyway.. how to reduce fat??? answer is simple.. spend more energy thatn you take in.. but not necessarily that the fat will come off your belly.. you cannot choose where the fat comes off from.. cruches dont help fat burn.. continue the cardio and try to increase the intensity and decrease your carbs/fat intake.. take olive oil in ur food and peanut butter.. these help reduce the saturated fat deposited in your body.. good luck

  2. stormey359 said :

    It is just appearance, I use a slimming belt when I am running or doing other cardio. With sweat in that area, it has helped with the appearance of the soft area by taking away the outer water weight there.
    If you want something more, then you will jsut have to up your exercise to 5-6 times a week for about two weeks, then you should see more a definition.


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