How do I get rid of my belly fat naturally?

I am ten years old, and I have about 5 pounds worth of belly fat. How do I get rid of it in time for the summer?

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8 Responses to “How do I get rid of my belly fat naturally?”

  1. lildizzie said:

    there is no such thing as reducing fat at one place. If u want to lose the weight on ur belly u have to lose weight in general. Do lots of cardio and eat healthy foods. Usually ur belly is the last place that u see weight being lost. Just keep at it.

  2. Katlyn F said:

    Belly fat wont go by going on a diet only. exercise and dieting are the only healthy way, try jogging or bicycling. jog for half an hour four days a week, start on a slow pace and take it up little by little. watch ur food, stay away from fats, play situps on a daily bases, start with 30 a day and after 2 days make them 35 and after another 2 days make them 40 and so on until u reach 60 situps a day and keep it like that. it may take u more than a week to start losing weight, but thats only bcoz u will have gained muscle, but u will lose the fat

  3. ICAME said:

    the 300 workout!

    look it up

  4. susan said:

    Despite some ads that try to sell you useless products, you can’t lose fat from just one area of your body. You need to do aerobic exercise in order to burn calories and rid your body of fat. You can ride your bike, run, play sports, or anything that you enjoy. Try to eliminate sugar from your diet. Have fruit for snacks instead of sweets.

  5. Exile said:

    Just eat a healthy diet. Don’t go on a diet because you have quite a long time to do it. Rest for at least 8 hours a day and drink at least 8 glasses of water. For losing the weight, try running or swimming or basically any type of daily sport.

  6. tennislover said:

    you need to get on a better diet.. lower carbs higher protein… and alot more cardio exercise and weight training workouts… and ab workouts

    u have to go to the gym 4 days a week…. do your 30 mins of cardio.. and your 40 mins of weight training… and u have to diet down more with good foods… and u need the protein to recover from your workouts..

  7. amoribunddream said:

    You can’t choose were you look fat from but, you can loose fat and if you belly has a lot of it, you are more than likely going to loose it from there.

    In any case the best way to loose weight is eating healthy foods that fill you up like fruits, veggies and a small portion of meat and lots of fiber. Cut out junk food and pop from your diet.

    To loose one pound you need burn 3500 calories. So to loose 5 lbs by summer just cut 200 calories or so from your daily diet to loose some weight slowly, if you would like to loose more then cut more per day. You can Safely and naturally loose weight 2-3 lbs a week. (Healthy)

    On top of cutting the calories you will need to work out a bit. I do know friends who have done it without but, it will increase your results and you’ll feel better too!

    For abs, I have heard of many different work outs in High School I did the 7 minute abs and you do it every day. There is also the “300” workout. Google the videos and try it yourself! 🙂

  8. gib000 said:

    Do simple exercises like jumping jacks, jump rope, and running around. at ten years old if you avoid eating unhealthy foods on a daily basis the belly fat will disappear naturally as you grow. Also drink the right amount of water and use skim or low fat milk in your cereal.


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