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How do I get rid of body fat covering my muscles?

I’ve gained a lot of muscle in the past month and that came along with gaining some body fat. I’m going to be going to the beach here in about 2 weeks. I was wondering what kind of foods and what type of workouts would help me shed some fat off of my body. I’m 5’8′ and about 160 lbs. 16 years old.

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2 Responses to “How do I get rid of body fat covering my muscles?”

  1. ScSpec said :

    If you are exercising such as lifting weights to gain the muscle then you must have also increased what you are eating or you would not have gained the fat. So reduce what you are eating and stick to lean protein, veggies, fruit, skim milk and high-fiber carbs. Steam, grill, or eat foods raw. Avoid junk like soda and candy.

    Add some aerobic activity to increase metabolism and burn fat. Play a sport, run, or use gym equipment like a treadmill.

  2. xxsonoflibertyxx said :

    Avoid junk food, eat lean foods, alot of cardio, wack off like a madman, your choice


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