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How do I get “perfect fit” weatherstripping to fit in my car?

I’m replacing the weatherstripping on the drivers door of my four door 1979 Chevy Caprice. I bought the really nice stuff from JC Whitney that is supposed to fit perfectly in the car. I’ve already glued the top around the window channel and that went fine. However, the pegs are too big for the holes along the bottom and sides of the door. I’ve tried pushing, I’ve tried a hammer, they are just too large.

What do I do?
Do I try a drill to make the holes in the car bigger?
Do I file down the pegs to make them thinner? (Would this innerfear with the fit?)
Something else?


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3 Responses to “How do I get “perfect fit” weatherstripping to fit in my car?”

  1. eldoradodave said :

    On GM models those are standard so go to a GM dealer and ask for the plastic rivets for the weatherstripping

  2. Paul S said :

    Drill the holes carefully.
    Much easier than sanding the pegs.

    4 door huh? Check this out.

  3. Ugg Boots said :

    That’s Ok.


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