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How do I get my weightloss motivation back?

Since June I have lost 45 lbs, but the past month or so I have lost my motivation. I have quite a bit more weight to lose, and I’m scared of gaining what I lost back. Any tips to get me through this holiday slump?

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8 Responses to “How do I get my weightloss motivation back?”

  1. Aaron Artille said :

    Don’t Eat.

  2. Romero Hunt said :

    just get a before and after picture. and tell yourself what do i want to look like?

    or you can get a picture of me and say damn only if i lost a little more i can have this sexy beast!!!

  3. librarygeekforever said :

    read lots of success stories of people who have already lost weight. browse through catalouges with thin models in them to get you thinking about how you’ll be able to look thinner, too. watch television! or watch america’s next top model on youtube to get some inspiration.

  4. 4Seasons said :

    Stand naked in front of your mirror.

  5. lilmisssunshyne4u said :

    Go buy a bikini in the size you want to be and put it on if you look good then Hooray! If you dont take a picture and hang it on the fridge and everytime you open the door to make meal you will see that picture of yourself and hopefully that will encourage you to get back in the swing of things… Good luck!

  6. A V said :

    Try something different as far as diet and exercise program goes. Try not to be too hard on yourself, if you can make it through the holidays without gaining weight you will be doing well – that would be a great success.

    Be sure to pick up a December issue of Shape or Women’s Health, they have a lot of ideas to make it through the holidays an reading them will give you motivation.

  7. butterfliesRfree said :

    I know what you mean. I lost about 50 lbs on weight watchers (didn’t go to meetings) and that was about 5 years ago and I’ve maintained all this time. I was laid off for 3 months (doing nothing basically) and finally went back to work 2 weeks ago…….was taken out to lunch at Outback by my new boss and my daughter-in-law bought us lunch at Applebees (but did I look at the weight watchers section? NOPE!!) and I know I was gaining weight after being laid off because of not moving around much… it’s the holiday season. UGGGG!! We need to stick together and keep this good thing going….I’m glad you asked the question — it may motivate me back again too. Here’s my advice (although I’m obviously not following it lately) — remember how long it took you to lose it and don’t you feel good about it??? I did so I KNOW you did too. Think “clothes” — that does it for me sometimes. GOOD LUCK….we just have to stick together and keep on keepin on — ya know????

  8. cait said :

    here is my advice: take a break for the holidays but try not to way-overdo it. resume new year’s day.


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