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How do I get my puppy to exercise and lose weight?

She is a pomeranian/yorkie mix and she is 5 months old and she looks chunky and she is just a puppy and she doesn’t need to start out her life like a little bloated puppy having weight problems for the rest of her life so please tell me how she can loose some weight? What are some things that she /we can do to help her lose weight and get her figure back lol!


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7 Responses to “How do I get my puppy to exercise and lose weight?”

  1. DeeDawg said :

    puppies should have a little bit of meat- but if you feel she’s overweight, talk to your vet. she should be pretty playful, and reducing her feed a bit and rolling a ball for her is probably all it will take to get her where she should be.

  2. slippery134 said :

    you need to cut back on her food intake. don’t forget that when you figure her food for the day treats count too. if you only use her dog kibble as treats, measure in the morning how much food she should have for the day. give her breakfast from that. any treats for training should come from that. then her evening meal is what is left. that is it! and don’t forget LOTS of exercise, long walks are great. shorter walks a few times a day.

    dogs lose weight the same way we do, diet and exercise.

  3. Native Witch said :

    Have you gone to the see the vet yet? She may have worms and that’s why her belly would be big. How much puppy food are you feeding her? If you’re leaving the food out all day, that might be the reason. Have a routine set for her. Feed her at 8am, then at 5pm, even if she wants more, do not cave in. You can add some green beans to her diet, but not every day, maybe every second day. If you use canned green beans, cook them obviously, but rinse them out as the water may have a bit of salt in there. You can add some fibrous food to her diet, pumpkin is one of the choices. Do you give her human foods? If you do, that may be one of the reasons. I know I mentioned two human foods, but they’re not fatty foods. I’m talking about gravy, end of your hamburger, spaghetti, etc.

    Exercise would be great, not only the daily walks, but training would work, play with her, have her interacting with other dogs so she’s socialized at the same time.

    And don’t forget to get her spayed soon.
    if you have any more questions, feel free to email me.

  4. Blarp said :

    cut back on food (feed as directed on package) no table scaraps/treats
    take for daily walks
    play outside

    BE ACTIVE… umm same advice for humans to loose weight lol…

  5. Holly W said :

    First, take her to your vet, you need to know how much she is supposed to weigh before you start any weightloss system. When you know how much she should weigh (4-6lbs most likely) you calculate how much extra she weighs. Then you can start exercise and diet changes.
    Your vet will reccomend how much food she should be eating, cut out the treats completely and use dry kibble for training treats only.
    As for exercise, my chihuahua has half hour every weeknight and an hour or so on weekend days. Start with this, and add half hour of either training or games each day too, this could be as simple as a person sitting upstairs and a person sitting downstairs and call her between you, or it could be fetch, chase, tug, be creative!

  6. Jacob said :

    take her for a walk.

  7. Louise said :

    You just need to walk her. She is likely to be chubby as a puppy and not be fully developed until one yr old for a small dog 2 for big dogs
    Here are a few links that will guide you through teaching even the most difficult puppy to walk nicely.


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