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How do i get my dad stop smoking?

I am in sixth grade, my dad have been smoking in my entire life. He threatening me to stop taking me to school if i keep convincing him to stop smoking. And I have a 2 years old brothers. I love my school and my brother to be healthy. What can i do?

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6 Responses to “How do i get my dad stop smoking?”

  1. JennyH said :

    Tell him you are scared for his health and that the only reason you are telling him this is because you love him and you don’t want anything to happen to him. He shouldn’t be acting that way. I am a mother of two small boys…never have I smoked in a car or a house that they have been in. BUT, if they were to say something to me about smoking, I would quit…I am actually trying to quit now, so my children don’t have a memory of it. If he doesn’t quit, just take it as a lesson learned…don’t start, because it’s hard to quit. Good luck to you honey.

  2. Vipaka said :

    Poke out the innards of his cigarettes, then replace it with shedded grass. Or if you really want to go for gold, shreds of paper.

    You can’t force him to quit smoking, but you can make him feel guilty about it and prank him for it. Those two in combination should be enough to get him to smoke less often.

  3. woah whats going on said :

    try to get him to pick up an alternative like patches or gum

  4. Kirsten R said :

    First i am sorry to hear that.
    Second you should look up facts about smoking and how it kills people. Get him into thinking wow this is bad.
    Third tell him that About four million people die worldwide each year as a result of smoking. That’s around 11,000 a day.
    Tell him that most smokers dies 15 years before non smokers. Remind that your brother is only two and you want you little brother to see the great dad he is 🙂 tell him positive stuff about himself that you want your little bro to see and experience. Tell him you don’t want to loose him earlier then other people you want him as long as possible.

    Also not sure if you beleive in God but just pray to God pray to him that you want your dad to stop smoking pray that he will reach into your dads heart and relize what he is doing to himself and if it dosent happen immedetly keep praying God can hear you and he will heal your pain of and help your dad 🙂

  5. SoBox said :

    Hun, it’s wonderful that you care about your dad’s health. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to make him quit unless he decides he wants to do it. He has a serious addiction, and it’s going to be extremely difficult for him to quit.
    Your dad can’t just stop letting you go to school; the law states that you must go. In a way, though, I do get why he doesn’t want to hear you nag him about it. I’m on your side in that I think he needs to quit , but I also realize that hearing about it might be stressing him out all the more. I suggest start by apologizing to him for bothering him about quitting. Just explain to him that you really love him and are afraid of losing him over his smoking. After that, the ball is in his court. He can either decide to quit, or he can keep risking his health. For his sake and yours, I hope he chooses the former over the latter. Good luck.

  6. Piper's Mommy said :

    You can explain how it’s bad for him, how it’s bad for you…How you want him to be alive to see his grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren and not die a horribly painful death from lung cancer…Explain about second hand smoke and the danger’s to his children. Look up info on quitting helpers like the gum, patch, or Chantrix.Unfortunately, no matter what you do, he will only quit if HE wants to. You can’t make an addict quit anything. They have to want to on their own. He won’t be successful til then. Sorry hun. I lived with smoking parents til the decided to stop on their own when I was 14 even though I had begged them to quit since I was 5….


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