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How do I get my boyfriend to lose weight?

My boyfriend of over three years has always been overweight, but recently he’s gained even more. His clothes don’t fit him as well as they used to and although I love him more than anything I’m becoming less and less sexually attracted to him.

He’s tried to lose weight before. It hasn’t worked. I want to encourage him to lose weight without damaging his ego. How do I do it?

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9 Responses to “How do I get my boyfriend to lose weight?”

  1. Seagull said :

    Start training Muay Thai together. Or some kind of aggressive martial art where you burn a lot of calories and get more inspired to be lean and mean than if you did something wussy like a dance class.

    Eat lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, and don’t eat a lot of starch or sugar or anything artificial.

  2. secret :] said :

    Have more sex its a good workout you know…
    Ok besides that you should tell him that you want to lose weight(couple pounds wouldnt hurt right?) and that you dont think you can do it alone and that you need support from him and that itll be easier if you do it together.

  3. minty said :

    be honest and tell him you find it hard to be sexually attracted to someone who doesn’t take care of his body. it’s comparable to someone who doesn’t brush their teeth or shower, they aren’t taking care of their hygiene so they are probably stinky and unattractive therefore not sexually attractive. your bf over eats and doesn’t exercise therefore he is getting fatter and not sexual attractive. you have to be straight with him. offer to make healthy salads, or bbq veggies and chicken breast on sat nights instead of going out to eat and drinking at bars. offer to go running. find your local YMCA and get a joint gym membership, it’s cheap and they have everything those fancy gyms have. Hope this helps :0

  4. dog said :

    Tell him no more sex till he looses wait.

  5. german pink said :

    try to cook delicious and extra ordianry food but if you are smart cacel thing called butter just use olive oil , and also having sex is good and healthy but this is illegal cause you might get pregant which is not healthy .. you can make it with your husban but with your boy friend i,m not wih you . and start joining hip hop class with each other take him to a gym or even a sauna ……drink plenty of water …..and also avoid sugar , candies , and whole weight things and biscuits….

  6. Heli56 said :

    Promise him one oral sex session per pound he loses.
    Promise him two weeks of abstinence for every pound he gains.

  7. haredx said :

    A great way to do this without coming off as rude would be to get him on Acai Berry. It removes excess waste from your body and this way you can just tell him it’s a vitamin and that you want him to be healthy. You can get a free sample from I hope this was helpful

  8. upgrademydiva said :

    Well first you can introduce good things to his body. Start working or assisting him with adapting a healthy lifestyle. He can also introduce exercise gradually, walking will do if he is pretty sedentary. If he is someone who is motivated with instant gratification, then there are other tools he can utilize that will not only aid in his weight loss, but give him the confidence to keep going. You can contact me for more info.

  9. K N said :

    Alternatively, you could say that you are the one who wants to lose weight and asks him for his support and help. Then both of you can go on a proper diet and exercise regime which will be beneficial to you both and not hurt his ego.


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