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How do i get my bestfriend to stop smoking?

This girl has been my best friend sense kinder-k. She is 15 right now and she just told me that she has been smoking. It hurts me to see her smoking because my mom has lung cancer from smoking and i cant stand to see her get lung cancer… How do i get her to stop. I already told her how i feltt…

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2 Responses to “How do i get my bestfriend to stop smoking?”

  1. Astaroth said :

    Get a small fire-extinguisher and tell her “This is the extinguisher of giving up.” Hopefully she will get the hint before you have to use it.

  2. prom shawty said :

    As much as both of you have a great friendship, she will most likely not listen to you. The friends I’ve known forever smoke weed and cigarettes and nothing I said to them made them stop.I guess I’m just gonna have to watch them suffer and get sick for their pleasure. I had a cousin die from lung cancer from cigarettes and my grandpa died of emphysema (he coughed up blood and when he got to the hospital he was missing a lung)

    I question them and ask them “Why? Why do you smoke cigarettes?” and they come up with that stupid, lame overused excuse saying “It calms me” which is really pathetic that they have to rely on something, that will most likely kill you, to “calm” you down. Go to therapy, geez.


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