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How do I get muscle shape and muscle intensity?

I weigh about 108 pounds and about 5 foot 1 and I’ve been working out everyday for about a couple of months, but I can’t get my muscles to shape. What do I need to do? And also, what is the bst way to get muscle intensity?

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3 Responses to “How do I get muscle shape and muscle intensity?”

  1. Al E said :

    you wont gain muscle mass becouse your too light. you need fat and weight to build muscle. So your going to have to go on a BIG but healthy, high carb diet.

  2. SmartAleck said :

    First off how old are you? Its sometimes very hard for younger people to add muscle mass because your body is still growing and developing. Getting muscles to “shape” or as I call it bulk up, requires a lot of time and dedication. Getting muscles to grow bigger has more to do with your diet than it does of what you do in the gym. Although working muscles the right way is VERY important, your diet and genetics will play a huge role into how well they develop. Remember that not all of us can have great looking muscles, our genetics will just not allow it.

    Most all of us can get toned up and have somewhat decent looking muscles. If you want muscle tone it will require you to get your body fat numbers down pretty low in order for your muscles to show through well.

    Find a workout program that fits your needs, 3-4 days only a week. Do not over train any muscle in your body, most training programs require you to train a muscle a week, for example train your chest just one day a week. This gives your body time to recover and heal. Muscles build in your sleep, not at the gym. Its important to get on a proper diet, with protein, carbs, whole grains, and good fats. Drink plenty of water. Suppliment your diet if needed and take multi vitamins daily.

  3. Harold K said :

    drop sets. something like this (biceps)
    10 at 25lbs
    10 at 20lbs
    10 at 15 lbs
    10 at 10 lbs
    10 at 5lbs
    when you get to 5 its gonna feel like 50.

    Or another thing to build muscle tone is to do more reps of less weight example: 20 reps of 20lbs instead of 10 reps of 30 lbs


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