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How do I get medical coupons, if I have medical insurance?

I know the question sounds stupid but, my husband and I just found out that we are having a baby in January. I have medical insurance, which does cover maternal care, with the exception of copay, and deductibles, all that good stuff. Although we have been trying for out lil miracle, it has been so long, that it surprised us when the test came out positive. My husband had some employment struggles and he is in the process of finding full-time employment. Which means for us that we are going to have a lot of medical bills that will be difficult to pay. My original question is can I get medical coupons if I am not making enough to support everything? Even though I have insurance?

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2 Responses to “How do I get medical coupons, if I have medical insurance?”

  1. zachcorinne said :

    I know that some doctor’s will give you coupons for prescriptions, but I don’t know of any that give medical coupons. They only thing that I can think of is the medical card and I am not sure if you can even get that based on you already having insurance. My husband and I just started paying a little bit each month towards the deductible when we found out I was pregnant. Or you can work out a payment plan with the doctors and the hospitals. Most of them are willing to work with you as long as you prove that you are serious about keeping up with the payments.

    I hope this helps a little and Congratulations!!

  2. pattypuff76 said :

    Check with your Department of Health. You may be eligible for Medicaid–to cover the rest of your expenses. You may also be eligible for WIC to help with food for you and the baby. My husband and I struggled through the hospital bills with our first, just to find out we probably could have gotten some sort of assistance. Your hospital probably has payment options, as well. With our second child, we were able to pay all of our hospital bills right away–except for the BIG one. We’re making equal monthly payments for a year and not paying any interest.

    Another thing you should look into is a Flexible Spending Account. If your company offers this as one of their benefits, sign up for it during the open enrollment period at the end of the year. Since your baby is due in January, this may be a real help. The way it works is: You estimate how much your medical bills come to for the year. You tell the FSA administrator that you want to have that amount in your FSA. You get that amount to spend UP FRONT. Then, you repay the amount out of your paycheck for the rest of the year–and that comes out before taxes. I have 2 kids and a husband that are on my benefits. I estimated that we’ll spend about $1040 on medical expenses. So, $20 a week comes out of my check for that–and since it’s pre-tax, I don’t even miss it. The rules of the account state that I can only use that money for medical, dental, prescriptions, and OTC medications for me and my dependents. And I have to be able to produce receipts for these expenditures when they request them for IRS reporting purposes. It is worth it, though.

    Good luck and Congratulations!!


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