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How do I get fit enough to join the army?

I want to join the army in a couple of year’s so i think it would be a good idea to start getting fit now, but apart from the help given on the army website i’m not sure what exercises i could do that i would be able to do at home. any ideas?

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17 Responses to “How do I get fit enough to join the army?”

  1. Robert D said :

    Walk, run, cycle.

  2. Mari D said :

    ask a recrutier for help

  3. Crimson1337 said :

    lot’s of running, push-ups, sit-ups, and chin-ups

  4. Seth S said :

    go to a gym and workout a head of time that way you will be in fit…

  5. K said :

    Go to the gym daily and jog around the park for about half and hour.

  6. Payaso will be Voting UKIP said :

    Anything that builds stamina. With stamina you will be ready for anything.

  7. Slackeyed said :

    Excellent workout routine at…train like a Marine and Army bootcamp will be a walk in the park.

    With the war raging in Iraq/Afghanistan, I’m sure the army will take you as long as you can fog a mirror.

  8. Kalynn S said :

    jog, crunches, push-ups

    really anything cardio

  9. Jess said :

    if you go to a recruiting office, they’ll usually help you out. My friend went to join and they gave her a free membership to YMCA.

  10. Amy__X said :

    i studied the public services in college,

    i trained for the army, and basically all i did was do 2 X 30 min sessions of fitness every week, whether it’s cardio or any other form of fitness. i did mondays and wednesdays.

    mondays – sit ups, crunches, dips, tri dips etc

    wednesdays – 30 min walk, jog and run

    Hope this helps, it’s hard at first if you’re unfit, but you have to be able to run a certain amount of length in a certain amount of time. you can find it out online.

    good luck!

  11. XXXX L O V E and P E A C E XXXX said :

    Just work on pushups and situps and run alot. Try to be able to run 3 miles without stopping. Start slow. Jog at a pace where you can run for 3 miles WITHOUT STOPPING. Do NOT walk. Once you can do that, each day just run a little bit faster. But don’t run everyday, that’s bad for you. But you have a long time to prepare so don’t worry. It takes about a month to get into shape, and you don’t even have to be in top condition to go to Army Basic. I went in 201lbs running an 8:15 mile and I could only do 7 pushups. When I came out, I was running a 6:13 mile, I could do 74 pushups, and I was 173lbs of pure US Army soldier.

    EDIT: Don’t listen to what other people say. You do NOT need any weights or punching bags(really?). As long as you can run and do pushups, you’ll be fine.

  12. Mo said :

    ether way your going to be spending cash if your training at home.
    by punchng bags, do some sparring o_O
    buy one of those bicycles which dont move, whatever they’re called. Electric training bikes or whatever >.< ummm. Weights, buy them do some weights You can find like one of these bar things which people use to do like those pull things >.<.. Im not good with names since I myself aren't much of the gym guy Lol. Its like u glue it to a door or somethingand u use your hands to get urself over the bar, whatever they are >.<. do press ups. That's all i can think of, well, good luck. You can run at your local park as well, but that's not at home.

  13. brittanyk said :

    pull ups, Running, push ups, sit ups, being able to walk for a long distance at solid pace rucking with a 50lb+ bag on ur back. you could call a recruiter and ask what is involved in a Pt test. Your a woman so you really wont have a high speed psychical job. Running though is important and you will do Pt everyday

  14. King Of Mercia 1978 said :

    lots of stamina is thekey.

    so if u smoke – quit already.

    drinking won’t help you bring the most out of your body, strength and suppleness wise. cut it down.

    Push-ups, do as many as you can and as many sets as you can.

    You can only enjoy doing them if you don’t weight a tonne, hence I advise you to go on early morning jogs and maybe join a gym if u cant.

    work the midsection, tone it a bit.

    if u do push ups regularly you’ll strengthen your shoulder and bicep muscles as well as your forearms.

    When you can start lifting your own body weight off the ground 30+ times, invest in some dumbells.

    The idea is, to get the weight which makes you feel a burn when u pumping the iron.

    if u find yourself lifting the bell 20-30 times, its WAY too light.

    if u find that you’re struggling to lift it more than 4 or 5 times properly, its way too heavy.

    if u find yourself managing say, between 12-18 lifts on each arm, its prob just right. Form is key – so do them properly (good posture, no swinging of the upper arm, try to maintain a perfect L shape and make the lower arm LIFT the weight up to shoulder level and SLOWLY lower it down again. if u feel the BICEP burn, thats good – youre doing it right.

    but to really get the most out of doing pushups and weights, do some cardio.

    cardio will keep you fit. weights will strengthen and bulk your muscles.

    once u do that for a few months, maybe a year – and join the aermy, you’ll feel confident and ready to attempt their exercises.

  15. jandy said :

    be able to do a 2 mile run under 15 minutes as a goal, push ups at least 50 or more and situps atleast 50 or more. these are timed events at 2 minutes. If you are going to do jump school or other, have to be strong upper/lower body. be able to carry 100# or more in back pack, for long hikes, 12miles or more is the challenge, in the heat or cold. hilly terrain, rain, be prepared for weapons training, they train you, land navigation/map reading/ and good communication skills with people from all backgrounds for leadership roles. The pushups/situps and run is timed according to your age group and is part of your evaluation/annually and for promotions and schools/assignments. you also have to meet wt requirements for your ht/age. check with a recruiter. It’s fun, you get in great shape, meet cool people and get to go places you never thought you would and you get to camp out alot. It’s great for life experiences, self reliance and confidence, plus the benefits are great/medical/housing/cost of living. It’s a great experience and I’m glad I did it as a nurse. Keep focused on your goals. Good luck!

  16. bogey said :

    There is most likely a recruiting office in your city. That would be my first stop if i was you .

    My friend wants to join the airforce and the recruiter told him he had to get down to 200 pounds first. He weighs like 250 now so that is one thing you have to consider as well.Yes it is fat that he needs to lose that is a cool link

    I told him ride his bicycle to work instead of riding in the car lol.

  17. SuperChick said :

    The main exercises you can do at home are strength and toning, so get someweights and do various exercises with them.

    You could also try running and run at the park and go on plenty of walks.


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