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How do I get a nice stomach and loose weight quickly?

Im a healthy size 12 and was wondering what do I have to do to loose a little ‘extra’ fat around my abdominal area. I have a gym membership and do an hr of cardio 3 times a week roughly. What can I do to improve weightloss and get tonned arms and abs. My legs are as hard as rocks – due to all the running I do.


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One Response to “How do I get a nice stomach and loose weight quickly?”

  1. k i w i 182 said :

    you seem to be doing a good job so far, you can do different types of excercises if you have been doing the same ones for awhile, this helps increase weight loss. and your body loses the weight proportionally so you cant choose a certain place, but you can work the muscles in that certain area, and drink lots of water.


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