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How do i get a flat stomach and loss fat on my lags?

okay i know i’m fat and i want to do something about it. I want to get abs and loss the fat on my legs but how do i do it? what exercises will help me? i know to stop drinking soda and drink water, i’m already doing that. I just need a few tips and exercises to get started i want to get into a bikinii by the end of this summer. but i don’t want to take pills or anything (gross)

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10 Responses to “How do i get a flat stomach and loss fat on my lags?”

  1. Emma K said :

    You need to do cardio. It it SOOO important. I know running sucks, but it’ll help a lot.

  2. hegewalds said :

    Yes, doing cardio will result in weight loss all over. You cannot take fat off certain spots. You can only tone certain spots. So, I would suggest either doing an elliptical machine, running, or doing a cardio class + excersies to tone your stomach such as sit-ups.

  3. Fireboy said :

    You can start doing cardio workouts at least 3 times a week 20-45 minutes a workout if you can. Do whatever you have time for. Streangth training (using weights) is good to do to for losing fat.

    I would try going on jogs, jumping rope, jumping on a trampolin, doing jumping jacks for cardio.

    try to do some crunches for your abs too but remember that you can not lose fat in a certain area by doing a certain exercise.

    You can do pushups, pullups as well for streangth training.
    Hope this helps and good luck =)

  4. Ms. BH said :

    I agree with the former!
    You need to work up your heart beat
    through cardio..
    Which can include bycicling!
    Running, swimming laps and so on!
    Crunches are no good until
    the layer of fat over your stomach has decreased, because then you just get muscle under your fat and you then push it out more!
    Cardio, cardio!
    Switching up work out works best and increasing the difficulty so that it is always challenging is a must!
    Eat well, lots of protein, fiber and don’t foget those dreaded carbohydrytes. Just have a balanced diet! and make sure you burn more than you eat!
    There is a calorie counter that will help you do the job even recommend work outs and give you ideas!

  5. Kenneth J said :

    jogging or running for the legs
    sit up’s for the abs

  6. ~*Hot Diva*~ said :

    I been dieting and exercising for 2 months now. What I do is get on the trendmill for 1 hour everyday. But my trick is that I wear a “Girdle” just on the waist and stomach area while I’m working out. I also wear the girdle when I’m doing my crunches and my stomach and everything else is going down!

  7. Lola said :

    There is no way to target weight loss in a certain area, your body loses weight as a whole. Many people say run but you probably don’t want to because that builds muscles instead of toning it. You should probably try jump roping that burns lots of calories. Its still fine to drink soda as long as its diet and drinking water is great because its proven that if you drink a glass of water before you eat you dont eat as much.. anyways good luck

  8. michelle619 said :

    go to this link. I wont write a huge essay on whats on here. He is just a health genius. doesnt give out that fake info. doesnt sell products for it its just basic health tips.

    go and watch those free videos he has on there. no download required they are linked straight to youtube. hope this helps some i know it helped me a lot 🙂

  9. David M said :

    listen to the people telling you not to focus on one part of your body – they’re on the money. You need to create an overall body workout and combine that with a good diet. You can also get a good cardio workout from just weight training. You might think about joining your local gym, most have a nutritionist on the premises and they can help you with your diet as well as your workout program, or you can visit here for some tips

  10. Isoman said :

    A health weight loss is normally around 1 to 2 pounds per week, but when you first start to lose weight you can lose weight more rapidly due to the fact that you lose “water weight.”

    A simple strategy that I would recommend would be to go to your local Vitamin Shoppe or health food store & get a herbal “water pill’ This is a technique that the top bodybuilders and fitness models use to drop a quick 10 pounds.

    I would consider doing a fast for at least 5 to 7 days. Also consider a colon cleanse.These products are all inexpensive. Do 20 to 30 minutes per day of cardio 5 to 7 days per week and you should hit if not exceed your goal. Please bear in mind that I am not a doctor and some of these steps can be hard on your body, so please make sure you read all the ingredients on these products that I just mentioned.

    Unfortunately the human body does not spot reduce… to get rid of the fat on your legs you need to start walking, riding a bike and doing resistance training.

    The latest scientific studies uncovered that strength training is the most effective form of exercise anyone can do to lose body fat.

    So do some resistance training as well!

    Also a great source for more information like this… the Bully Extreme Blog. It’s at Isoman


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