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How do i gain 10+ pounds of weight/muscle?

I am 15 years old, height- 5-9″, weight- 139. I have a wider frame looking at me from the front, but im thin. I bought a protein shake and im planning on taking this daily.
I want to gain muscle mainly for my upper body but, I know i must work on my lower body as well.
Are there any suggestions on what to work on as a daily routine?

– Thanks

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3 Responses to “How do i gain 10+ pounds of weight/muscle?”

  1. Alberto said:

    Hi all, I tried this new supplement from They have a risk free trial on currently. What it does, is clean out your insides, there will be as much as twenty pounds in there, and no amount of diet and working out will get rid of it. Give it a go – I did, and lost 17 pounds LOL!!!

  2. travis m said:

    i am also 15 but im a little more spread out than u 6-1” and 175 hehe…muscle head!!! i found the best way for me to build muscles just to eat and be healthy. as a 15 year old i know thats hard but like recreational sports or something like that to keep yourself active…cardio cardio cardio builds stong legs while toning upper body muscles, also you could try swimming which works the whole body. but i WOULDNT recommend lifting much weight because that can stunt your growth..but yeah thats it, hope this helped!!!!

  3. Jimmy J said:

    Hey man thats good call u have started useing protein that is the first step, also you could think about trying a weight gaining protein witch will help you put on some solid pound of muscles beacuse your body will need the extra callories esspecially because of your age. as for working out will stunt your growth that is a myth i have been working out since i was about 14 then i was probly about 5′ 6 5 years later i am 5′ 10 eat alot of fod and train really hard if you want to put on alot of muscles go to the gym at leasst 5 times a week and target a differnt muscle group every time you go example 1- bicepts 2 tricepts 3 legs & back 4 shoulders 5 chest good luck man!


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