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How do I do a liquid diet to loose weight?

I would like to do a liquid diet and have no idea how to go about it or how long to do it for. I would like to loose some weight quickly.

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11 Responses to “How do I do a liquid diet to loose weight?”

  1. x66red66x said :

    Drink only liquid.

  2. SKYDOGSLIM said :

    drinks lots of beer—it is not just for breakfast anymore

  3. corpshealth said :

    How do you feel about shakes or pies twice daily then whatever you want for the third meal? Thats what I have been on for the past two months and have lost 20 pounds and a lot of inches and feel great! If you really stick to this nutrition plan you will lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. I love the products so much I am now a Wellness and Weightloss Coach! Let me know if you want a free evaluation so we can get you on the right track! Good Luck!

  4. helplessromatic2000 said :

    Liquid diets can be dangerous if you dont trust your body. You should try the one listed below for 10 days. Follow it exactly (Grade B syrup, etc). If you really start to feel ill then stop it. Good luck with your weight loss.

  5. Marvin said :

    You do not want to diet!!!!!!

    You want to alter your life style and keep that change in your life forever.

    You need a diet that will sustain your daily needs. YOu do not want to starve yourself!!! You will be hungry, feel tired and then you will cheat!!!

    EAt better, move more.

    Eat a low carb diet with lots of protein, vegetable and fruits with some good fat.

    Go to the gym, meet with a trainer. He will give you a training plan that fits your goals.

    Doing exercise is also an habit you will have to keep….

  6. lv_consultant said :

    unless you are going on some kind of short term high protein liquid diet. you might lose some weight but most will be water and muscle.

    there is no liquid based diet that has a positive effect on fat burning.

    you should try to focus on losing body fat not just seeing numbers on the scale decrease. if you follow a fad diet and lose a lot of water & muscle you are essentially getting fatter…

  7. Stephhbabyy said :

    i asked on of the trainers and my local gym and he said liquid diets aren’t healthy at all. They do nothing for you at all. JUST DRINK A LOT OF WATER! drink cold water so you burn calories that way. Your body needs to change the temperture of water to your body heat so your burning calories just from that. Also fat cells go down.

  8. yoshiz008 said :

    You have to be carefull!! Just because your on a liquid diet doesn’t mean you can eat less. You still need your daily intake of vidamines minerals and proteins. Check this website out it’ll help you get started.

  9. SexyTrojan said :

    Drink nothing but water for 10 days.

    This is very difficult, and you don’t see the result you are looking for. Also, when you go back to eating normally, you will gain back 3 times the weight that you lost.

  10. lilpudersancho said :

    If you do a liquid diet only do it for 3 days at a time..Its not good for your body to go to long without food, make sure that liquids you are intaking our high in proteins.

  11. treetopteresa said :

    If you want to go on a liquid diet first thing is to go to your doctor. Tell him/her of your desire to go on a liquid diet; if they think it wise they will suggest a good diet to go on and they will also monitor your progress. A liquid diet can be dangerous if you are not careful. Your doctor may suggest a better way for you to lose weight. Good luck.


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