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How do i determine my muscle fiber make up between fast and slow twitch muscles?

I am running track this year, but havent decided between sprints or distance. Ive been told that muscle makeup can give one an advantage(sprinters use fast twitch, distance runners, slow twitch). Is there any way to determine which muscles I have more of? Do i need to get a biopsy?

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2 Responses to “How do i determine my muscle fiber make up between fast and slow twitch muscles?”

  1. The Illuminating Ghost said :

    If you can naturally run fast and jump high then you have more fast twitch fibers. If you are naturally good at running for a long time with out your muscles fatiguing then you have more slow twitch fibers. Which ever track event you choose, you can train your muscles to act more like fast or slow twitch fibers anyway.

  2. DJ said :

    The quickest way to tell which type of cells you have more of is to look in a mirror. If you have predominantly fast twitch muscle cells, then your muscles will likely be big and beefy looking, slow twitch muscle cells are long and lean, so your muscles will appear long and lean.

    As far as deciding what to run for track, that’s your matter of preference and your condition level. No matter how long and lean you are, if your heart and lungs are in crappy shape, you won’t make a good 3200m runner. Even if you’re stocky and muscled up, if you’re not explosive, you won’t make a good 100m sprinter. If you’re a fat kid, try throwing something. If you’re exceptionally controlled on your feet, step over a few hurdles. Exceptionally explosive? Jump something.

    If you’re quick on the ground and have beefy muscles, then try your hand at 100m dashes, if you’re in great cardio condition and have a long, lean body, take a few laps towards a 1600m. Feel out what event is fun for you and go for it.


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