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How do I decrease muscle mass but remain fit?

I used to play football and got really big and muscular. I’m in college now and don’t want to be so big because I don’t play football or need to be big anymore. How do I decrease my muscle size but still remain fit? I still want to be lean but I just don’t want to be as big.

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2 Responses to “How do I decrease muscle mass but remain fit?”

  1. spider said :

    why would you want to? lean means muscle mass with no fat. it does not mean no muscle mass. if you want to be lean i would rather suggest for you to do some cardio or something.

  2. Adam said :

    When you got big, you were probably lifting heavy weights in few repetitions(6-8 reps)

    To decrease the size of a muscle, you need to lift less weight, but for more repetitions. This will maintain most of your strength, but it will simply spread the muscle out.

    For example: heavy weights with fewer repetitions piles muscle into one spot. This makes people look bigger.
    Lighter weights with more repetitions creates a more even spread of muscle.

    So lift less weight, with more repetitions.

    If you’re doing 3×8 right now, make it 3×10-14 reps. You’ll have to use a lighter weight to lift it that many times.


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