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How do I control my hunger and lose weight?

I’m really trying to lose weight, but I know my hunger is a problem. I love food and snacking especially. How can I control my hunger and snacking so I can be successful?


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15 Responses to “How do I control my hunger and lose weight?”

  1. Kristy said :

    What helps me is to chew gum all day, only gum try it

  2. Banshee8 said :

    take an operation and put cuffs in ur stomach -which is not what i approve but helps a lot- or smoke a little it will close up ur appetite.
    u can also watch supersize me which will effect ur choices about junk food.
    good luck !

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  3. ☠ Alex ☠ said :

    get rid of your snacky foods first of all. if you have a constant hunger problem, split your meals into 4 or 5 meals a day. all small portions. choose healthier food products, less fatty of course. just think, it isn’t neccesary, so why do it? because you crave it? if that’s the case, you need to practice self-control. it’s tough sometimes to do it, but the more often you practice it, the better you’ll get at it.

    p.s: wow, and to the people that posted before me…. just wow.

    Anyways, just do what I say and you’ll be fine. Stay strong. You don’t need expensive solutions, just self-control, and try pacing yourself, little by little. good luck =)

  4. Twilight Brigade said :

    i’ve tried to do something similar to you (still too lazy tho), i have 3 tips.

    1. Sometimes your not hungry, but your actually thirsty, so drink 8 cups of water a day (don’t force it, (or drink as much as you can)) 8oz/cup

    2. Use or – its a health site thing that has very valuable articles to do with health and weight loss, for teens and adults

    3. if you have more flavor in your food, you seem to get more full, and if you eat more slow, your mind will be able to tell you when you are full instead of over eating.

    Good Luck

  5. Sara said :

    someone i no is a fitness trainer and he eats a big breakfast, and about 4 small meals through the day, and then a decent dinner.
    try keeping your mind off food and keep busy/listen to music/study if your a student/get outside and hav fun/go for a walk
    if you like snacking maybe try just having a few crackers or nuts every know and then.

  6. Nessie said :

    controlling yourself is a main key. restrain from temptation. it is proven scientifically that if you consume less food that contains sugar, say, for 3 days, there would be less craving for them immediately since the sugar sensory is not as reactive. snacks that contains lots of fibers or wholemeal ones would also be an alternative. eat a filling meal rather than being not completely full and you would end up searching for snacks. fyi, food that states it has low sugar uses a lot of sweetener, which makes you even fatter.

  7. kooky said :

    every time u want to eat drink 2 glass of water and wait 15 minutes u wont be hungry plus eat good meals and no snacks…WATER ,WATER AND WATER ALL THE DAY ALSO..EXCERCISE

  8. Hm.M said :

    Eat fibre rich food, it keeps you full longer. and distribute the daily calorie allowance into 5 or 6 smaller meals/snacks!

    Most important thing is, never eat more than the daily calorie allowance, you can eat anything within the calorie limit and not gain any weight! However be watchful over the amount of fats you eat.

  9. Olivia M said :

    My friends and I are following to the letter and I have lost 9 kilos now since December. It is three meals a day with absolutely no snacking. Loads of water between meals, water or herbal tea or black coffee only between meals. Each meal is well balanced and I am not hungry at all. My other friend has a bit more weight to lose than me and she has lost 11 kilos since she started. All info is at the site. You should consider it. It was recommended to me by a natropath friend. I feel really healthy and now I am eating this way, I am in control of myself and I am not thinking about food all the time. Apparently, because I am eating three well balanced meals my insulin levels are balanced and this stops me from wanting to snack. I am too ful and dont want to snack any more, Check out the site

  10. i.LovE.HoMeWorK...!!! said :

    Losing weight and getting fitter is really quite simple. All you have to do is a few simple things. Firstly, clear your fridge of fatty junk foods. If there’s no temptation, you cannot fall. Secondly, stock up on watermelon and other fruits. Watermelon is excellent because it clears out your digestive system of toxins and waste, leaving you feeling and being healthier. Next, begin exercising every day. Do not go too hard. If running, don’t go fast or uphill, unless you want bulky muscle. A steady pace each day for a minimum of 30 minutes will allow you to shed fat and tone your body. Set a day each week when you each junk food, but try not to go overboard and ruin the work of every other day. Drink plenty of water, often when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. If you are getting cravings, have a glass of water, wait 5 minutes, and then see if you still want food. This usually gets rid of those nasty afternoon hunger pangs for me!

    Good luck, and I hope you get the results you want!!

  11. platinum said :

    To avoid deposition of toxic kilos cortisone must be maintained  below the level at which the appetite is unleashed. Here are 10 strategies for planning food and times when serving meals:
    1 Make sure to serve a healthy breakfast, not later than 9 o’clock in the morning, even if this implies to eat a bowl of oatmeal while you makeup.
    2 Take a small snack about three hours after breakfast. Suggestions: a fruit, a fat-free yogurt or a piece of soft cheese.
    3 Try not to take lunch later than 13:30. This should include a much balanced quantity between protein, fats and carbohydrates.
    4 Three hours after lunch , critical period begins when the stress hormone becomes a burden because of the low energy level and degree of concentration. Is the period when it comes to eating candy to energize you. You’d better eat something that gives you good energy with a low stress as a fruit or a yogurt with no fat.
    5  Dinner must be served between 18 and 19:30. This should include a soup or salad and a source of protein such as beef and chicken, low red meat, fish. For dessert make yourself a fruit salad without whipped cream or topping.

    6  If you need to have dinner after 20:00 consume food with less fat.
    8  Throw all sweets and snack without fat from the kitchen. They are full of processed sugar, of low quality  , which lead to stress.
    9  The portions in a typical restaurant are meant for a man . If you go to lunch at the restaurant eat only half the portion and try to eliminate dinner. At lunch, a slice of bread is enough.
    10  Water consumption should be constant through the day. Often when we think we are hungry, in fact, we are thirsty. Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

  12. manoo_497 said :

    Well u should eat all your favorite foods but a little less and after u eat your food, u should do a 3 minute walk then work out your body by exercising or playing some kind of sport so your calories get burned and so you don’t get fat.And drink lots of water.If you love junk foods like you said snacks then eat only a little like one in the morning and then one in the evening.

  13. eha said :

    Hi there….
    I think if you want to lose weight, try some weightloss pill product, but its better you search Products free trial offer first, in order to you have not lost much money and some site offer you Free trial are acaiberry(as a food staple and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties), carallumaburn(is patent protected and clinically proven to suppress the appetite )and reloramax (as an ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods that could be used in stress management and for stress-related appetite control, has excellent stress management properties without causing sedation),unhappily it is for custumor in the USA and European Union Countries Only . then compare it, if it works,maybe you want to get it more, if it is dissatisfied, leave it.

    Goog luck and success for your diet !!! ? 🙂

  14. Pedro G said :

    I have the same problem. There are several products out there that you can snack on that have little effect on you diet. I use this site to buy my stuff. You should check it out, it has great information and several snack to chose from.

  15. cynthia s said :

    Snacking is fine!! you just need to pick the right snacks. To motivate you’re self-take a picture of the body part you hate the most-the one that really jiggles-put it on the fridge. Everytime you feel the urge to eat badly-stare at the picture and ask you’re self ” do I want to stay like this” if your answer is yes-then eat away and feel guilty. If you really want change-pick a snack that will do your body good!!! try fruit salads-they not only taste good-but you can have as much as you want.


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