How do i bulk up and gain muscle quickly?

I am 16 and a junior in high school and i work out a decent amount and still don’t see any results/changes. Any pointers or helpful tips on how to gain muscle quickly?

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  1. Kimberly M said:

    “I had followed some other plans in the past and they didn’t work…

    None of the concepts or plans these other guys promote match the effectiveness of the ones you put forward. I must say, your program offers the most impressive gains ever.

    People are baffled by the fact that I’ve made such incredible progress…
    …A lot of them think I’m taking some kind of special drugs! It feels great to hear people saying, ‘William, you are getting bigger and bigger every time’.

    It’s good to witness the fact that I keep growing, and the people around me just work their asses off and stay the same. Sean, you are the best coach, and your book is a masterpiece.”

  2. funntu said:


  3. Guess Who? said:

    protien,exercise, and don’t get a bulky body, get a slim tight body…..good luck..

  4. sweetnfoxychick said:

    Change up your routine when working out so you can work on muscles differently, but you are still growing so be careful cuz you could damage your growth spurt.

  5. Megan Parker said:

    bench and lift weights every other day on a basic plan
    eat a healthy meal after every work out
    because scienctists say you gain 40% more muscle
    by eating healthy after you work out than not eating at all

    answer mine 🙂;_ylt=Agw3Ezf.O3OCjGdOBiwQ9Djsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080908155223AADg4ZS

  6. iyicocuk_812000 said:

    try drinking protein or muscle shakes after you work out

  7. Lulu80 said:

    Youre 16 so you have a great advantage since your metabolism will work with you. First of all. Cut almost all your fat and sugar from your diet. Eat alot of Protein. Chicken breast, tuna, salmon, etc. About 1.5-2grams per lbs of your body weight per day. about 40-45 grams per meal. Cut the crap and train heavy and with Excellent form. Dont try to impress anyone by pushing stupid heavy weight and doing it all wrong cuz youre waisting you time. How tall and how much do you weigh aslso depends on how much youre going to eat. If youre very active, about 6 oz protein per meal with broccoli and water. For breakfast eat 1 1/2 cup of plain oatmeal and water, 7-10 egg whites three hours later, Chicken breast and broccoli 3 hours later, “pure” protien shake three hourse after that, another chicken breast again three hours after that and finish your day with another 7 egg whites. Do not go over board on your protien though cuz what your muscles dont use, youre body will store as energy (Fat). You can e-mail me if you like. I am in the bodybuilding industry and Ill be happy to give you some tips. Remember, lift smart and with a meal plan like this one will have you hard, muscular (And tired) in a matter of three months tops. Good luck.

  8. advantageforyou11 said:

    I found a great free report that might answer your question.
    It’s called 8 things you must do to build maximum muscle and can be found here:

  9. Mikey said:

    I started weight trainig when I was 16 and found it so difficult to gain any muscle.I was skinny too,so was having a terrible time.Most important tip I can give you have a rest day after each workout.Your muscles grow as they repair themselves,so don’t over do it.Try doing 3 more ‘reps’ than you think you can.I found an expert called Jason to help me,check out my story at and see if you find anything in common.


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