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How do do you loose weight fast?

I am wrestling in college this year, and I need to cut weight. I am 5 Ft 4 at 140 pounds, but I need to weigh at least 125 by August 1. I am always hungry and constantly want to eat food. Is there any type of food or drinks that will make me full and not want me to eat. I am going for the smallest weight class for my team, and it is what I am good at. Also what exercises can you do to loose wight fast. Please help me out?

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5 Responses to “How do do you loose weight fast?”

  1. address man said :

    You can’t “loose” weight. You can “lose” weight, however.

  2. JackieJTlover said :

    im taller than u, and im 5’6 14 yr old girl lol

  3. samantha said :

    all of us know that running is the best way to loose weight…….you should eat only vegetables and fruits…..don’t eat any fried food like potatoes….don’t drink too much tea or coffee……drink too much milk……and finally drink too much juices.

  4. freezin2blazin said :

    The simple formula to lose weight is to burn more than you consume. If you want to do it really fast, you are going to have to cut back on ALL junk foods and fast foods, eat higher protein than carbs and CARDIO IS A MUST! Eat 3 hours be for you go to sleep, dont drink water right after you eat and control your cravings and have a solid mind set! Weight training will also help speed up the process.

  5. Amy said :

    run up and down stairs run a mile every other day


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